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Senior Football Players Next Step

Do you ever wonder what high school football players have for their future plans? There are three gentlemen that are showing them they can do anything their heart and mind desire to. Young men Max Lynch, Keonne Bradley, and Corey Gammage, All of whom have their own dreams, goals, and desires. Each having their own… Keep Reading


Students in the IB Program

      One of the many devoted students in the IB program; Jessica Clermont, a student in IBDP is already in her third year in the IB Program. For most people who don’t know what the IB program is, it stands for “International Baccalaureate” a rigorous program that challenges students to exceed in school and… Keep Reading


“Treat people the way you want to be treated” – Mr.Q Breaking up fights, supervising the school, and making sure everyone is in class is Mr. Q. One of Atlantic’s greatest assistant principal also known as Q who makes sure everyone is safe.    One of Mr. Q’s responsibilities is to make sure fights don’t break… Keep Reading

Young Entrepreneurs: Sauce Supply Co.

      During spring of 2016, Hansley Felix thought about multiple ideas and ways to promote his ideas, emotions and attributes towards others. One of those ideas was to promote self confidence with the self confidence he had that he wished others had. Hansely thinks of himself as a charismatic teen with ambitions and… Keep Reading


how hard exactly is taking an A.P course?

 How hard exactly is AP classes?       Every Night Chenry Danger was stuck doing her homework, which she couldn’t keep up with. She will have to stay up some nights to just complete her homework.Her stress level was getting pretty high but she can’t let a stress get in the way of her studying… Keep Reading


More than just a teacher

Oftentimes we assume there is nothing more to teachers than what we see at school. Our teachers could be artists, comedians, actors, athletes, etc. A teacher is more than what we see and most probably wouldn’t expect that. For example, Mr.Arjoon makes hip hop music. When he was 14 he really got into it and… Keep Reading



Back in my freshman year, I had my first boyfriend. Growing up, my parents told me to stay away from boys, when I’m ready I could have one but for now I needed to focus on school, and maybe when I’m in college I could have one. If you paid attention to what I said,… Keep Reading


Hurricane Irma Aftermath

       The morning before Hurricane Irma hit Florida, Marisol and her family were preparing for the devastation that the hurricane might cause. That day, they received a frightening call from their landlord, saying their house was “unsafe” because it was made from a wooden frame.       Marisol Amaya, a freshmen here… Keep Reading

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