100 die in Syrian weapon strike

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Earlier this week, an estimated 100 people had died as a result of the Syrian regime, headed by Bashar-al Assad, using chemical weapons on the Syrian people. This caused international outrage and many heads of state came out against the Syrian regime and its supporters, Russia and Iran.

  The use of chemical weapons has been banned since 1993 at the Chemical Weapons Convention, and rules have been established that prohibit the use of chemical weapons. Many times, it is even to difficult to know that the victims are being attacked with chemical weapons until you are already feeling the effects.

  Although many governments have come out against chemical weapons, no one took action, until 8:40 p.m. on April 6th. The United States President Donald Trump ordered for the launch of airstrikes against a Syrian airbase.

   The airstrike was a warning for the Assad Regime and for the suppliers of the chemical weapons, Iran and Russia. Not many things were damaged in the strikes and no one died; because of this it can be said that these strikes were not to harm anyone or to cause damage. The purpose of the strikes were to let Assad know that he had crossed a line, and that the U.S. was not going to stand by and watch.

   The strikes received international support from many different nations with only Russia, Iran and China condemning the airstrike.

This is a picture of the dictator of Syria Bashar al Asad Photo courtesy of abcnews.com.
This is a picture of the dictator of Syria Bashar al Asad Photo courtesy of abcnews.com.

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