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“Treat people the way you want to be treated” – Mr.Q

Breaking up fights, supervising the school, and making sure everyone is in class is Mr. Q. One of Atlantic’s greatest assistant principal also known as Q who makes sure everyone is safe.

   One of Mr. Q’s responsibilities is to make sure fights don’t break out and to teach everyone how to keep control of their anger issues. Q was asked what are some ways in which somebody can control their anger issues “staying quiet, walking away, and by thinking about the consequences it may bring and how it could be detrimental to your future” Mr. Q said. 

   Staying quiet is a good way to control your anger issues because it shows that you are aware of how bad it could affect you if you give attention to something so foolish. Some people may not know how to just stay quiet and they may say something back but that’s not all what Q has to say. “It needs to be reported to the student counselor and if not you should take anger management’’.

   Walk away from the situation.  No matter how much your friends tell you to say something back or to take action in the fight or argument , you walk away. Always walk away from a situation that is not benefiting you or your future. Always think before you act. How will fighting benefit you?  “always walk away as much as you can” -said Q

      You should always think about your future before you act. If you are in sports you don’t want to fight because your coach will not let you play in the upcoming game. Just in general you don’t want to get into fights because the minimum days you will get of suspension will be 10 days and that’s a lot of work you’ll be missing. “Think about the consequences it may bring and how it can be detrimental to your future’’ Q said. 


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