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Will it ever be safe for Dapchi girls to go back to school?
By: Ciara Hunter
March 27th 2018

Aisha Kachalla was just one of the many girls to be released by the “Boko Haram” terrorist group. During the time of her capture Aisha and the other girls were given one command upon their release:“They were not to continue their school studies”. Hearing this made Aisha fearful over even continuing her studies at the Government Girls Science Technical College. “ I like school and I will not stop reading but I do not want to go back to that school.
Just like Aisha’s parents many others are afraid of sending their girls to school, but they certainly do not want to keep them home either. In the article by Aminu Abubakar the total number of girls that were abducted by the Boko Haram Terrorist group “totaled a number of 276 since the time of April 14 2014.”With this being present it is extremely important that Dapchi girls have intense security on their school campuses to stop them from possibly being kidnapped.

Many people question why would these innocent girls be subjected to a wrongful kidnapping? What could they have done? In an article written by BBC News states that “ The girls return was part of ongoing talks about amnesty and ceasefire: If the Boko Haram returned and lay down their arms and renounce their membership of insurgery, then we will give them free passage to return to our society”. Ultimately this is only a theory and can only be fully completed if the Boko Haram complies with this policy by surrendering. Many people also believe that the girls were being “prison swapped”.
The kidnapping in Lagos, Nigeria has gotten so bad to the point where one father had to take precautions by sending his only daughter way just so that she wouldn’t be kidnapped.
“ The painful thing is you don’t see to have a right over your daughter” Said one of the girls who were forced on a plane to avoid the chance of being kidnapped. It is extremely unfortunate that the parents that have daughters have to endure this pain. These girls should not be kidnapped and held for ransom without a logical reason. Being within the hands of the Boko Haram the girls were forced to break their fasting, which caused the death of 2 girls who refused to eat. In the article produced by CNN News stated that “One girl is still in captivity because she is christian”. This fact makes it apparent that the Boko Haram go after individuals who are not islamic and try to force them into denouncing their current religion for an islamic religion.

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