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 With the holiday season quickly approaching, many people are eagerly anticipating the festivities and, of course, the food that comes along with it. However, many Americans face the saddening reality of not having any food at all for the upcoming holidays.

  Atlantic hopes to ease the burden for many families of Delray who cannot pay for food themselves. Atlantic is holding its annual food drive, taking donations of any non-perishable items such as stuffing, corn, and beans. Each year, the drive helps feed hundreds of families for Thanksgiving. Atlantic students will be the recipients of all the donations.  “Atlantic helping Atlantic,” said student government teacher, William Durgin, as Atlantic provides the unique opportunity for students to directly help their peers in need.

  Emails were sent out to club sponsors to encourage members to donate. Students can then go to their club sponsors to drop off food, who will then bring the food to Durgin on Monday, November 21, the last day donations are being taken. The donations will be sorted into bags and given out to students on Tuesday, just in time for Thanksgiving on Thursday.

  A few of the groups participating include the National Honor Society, Student Government Association, and JROTC. “I like to make it like a competition to see which club or group can collect the most food in poundage. I take out my wrestle scale and weigh each club,” said Durgin. If each club does their part, the school is able to provide a happy Thanksgiving to its students.

  Atlantic High is working towards supporting its students and their families that help create its bright and welcoming environment.

  See Coach Durgin for more details.

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