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Madness That Many Didn’t Expect in NCAA Basketball Tournament

By: Blake Fertel
Delray Beach, FL- Anyone who follows men’s college basketball knows that there are plenty of upsets in NCAA March Madness tournament. No one knew that there would be this much madness in this year’s tournament.
Let’s just say out of 17 million entries on Espn’s tournament challenge only 54 somehow predicted the final four teams correctly. No one has ever had a bracket prefect all the way through, it is almost impossible because of all the teams and the amount of random upsets by underdogs. This year’s final four teams consist of a 11 seeded team with the name of Loyola-Chicago University, a 3 seed team with the name of Michigan University, a 1 seed team with the name of Villanova University, and another 1 seed team with the name of Kansas University.
The NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament is a single-elimination tournament that consist of 68 teams that compete in seven rounds for the national championship. The tournament consist of a bracket with four different regions the east, south, west, and midwest. Each region contains 16 teams ranked 1-16, 1 being the best and 16 being the worst.
The most hyped up round is the final four. The final four consist of the four teams teams that have won each of their regions they were put into. The final four usually occurs in a big stadium like a football stadium so their are the most seats possible for spectators and sports lovers to witness. The NCAA tries to make the final four very special for the teams and its players and coaches on an accomplishment to get this far in the tournament.
There are 32 conferences in Division I men’s basketball. With that being said there are automatic bids into the tournament, which are the 32 teams that win the conference they are in. Then there are at-large bids into the tournament, which are 32 teams that impress the selection committee enough to get into the tournament. The selection committee bases the 32 teams that didn’t win their conference based on statistics like BPI which is college basketball power index which calculates all the numbers behind the sport of basketball.
Anyone who predicts an 11 seeded team in the final four either goes to that university or usually knows nothing about college basketball, but this year you would have proved everyone who analyzes and studies basketball wrong. Loyola-Chicago proved everyone wrong even though they were one of the hottest teams coming into the tournament with 10 straight wins and hitting over 40 percent of there 3 point shots they have taken.
In March Madness they call teams like Loyola-Chicago a cinderella team. A cinderella team is defined in the tournament as a team that advances much farther and does much better than most if not all people that follow college basketball.
The madness is only going to get more crazy with four great teams left in this tournament. The winner will be revealed April 2nd in San Antonio where the final four is being hosted.

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