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Miami Marlins race towards hot start

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    Outfielder Giancarlo Stanton hits a towering home run against division foe Philadelphia

   If one word can recap the 2016 season for the Miami Marlins, one must look no further than mediocre. Led by the late Jose Fernandez, Miami stumbled to a third place finish in the National League East with a 79-82 record. Marred by a lackluster offense, Miami failed to produce run support for a budding pitching rotation and solid defense.

  Entering the offseason with middling expectations , Miami locked down young players Derek Dietrich, Aldeiny Hechavarria, Marcell Ozuna, Tom Koehler, and A.J. Ramos to one-year deals to bolster the lineup, along with the supplementary addition of starting pitcher Edinson Volquez.

  Despite opening the season against playoff contenders in rivals Washington and New York, Miami was able to power through the infancy of the season with an unremarkable 3-3 record, taking two of three games against the Mets.

  Phil Kimmel of Marlins Manic comments, “We have seen a lot of promise from this ‘middling’ team. While the Fish may lack a big name starter, they have made up for this in other ways.”

  Kimmel refers to the sudden power outlet that is Marcell Ozuna, leading the Fish with 5 home runs and 18 Runs Batted In (RBI), preceding slugger Giancarlo Stanton in the lineup. Proving to be a deadly duo, the Marlins have been able to utilize contact specialists in Ichiro Suzuki and Aldeiny Hechavarria.

  In the following week, Miami squared off against Atlanta, in which the series was split with each team winning a game apiece. Miami then took on foe New York once again, surprising the Mets by winning three of four games, thoroughly vaulting them to the pole position of the NL East.

  Albeit the early nature of the season, the Marlins can already point to bright spots in the lineup. J.T. Riddle blasted a two run walk-off home run on Easter Sunday to improve the record to 7-5, according to

 Dayn Perry of commends Riddle’s home run in stating, “There are unlikely walk-offs, and then there’s a walk-off that’s the first career home run by a player who entered the game as a defensive replacement and who tallied just 20 homers across parts of five minor-league seasons.”

  With his youth and athleticism, Riddle can emerge as a reliable starting shortstop in the near future.

  The Marlins now head out west, facing the interleague Seattle Mariners in which they have already won and lost a game with Wei-Yin Chen throwing a gem, totaling seven innings pitched with no hits surrendered, according to

 Looking to continue their success, Miami will continue to implement a potent offense and consistent starting pitching.


Have the Heat burnt out?

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    Dion Waiters Shooting a game winning three-pointer over Golden State's Steph Curry in a January 23rd 105-102 win.

  In the fading weeks of the 2017 National Basketball Association season, the hometown Miami Heat are in the midst of a dogfight for the eighth and final playoff seed in the Eastern Conference.

   The Heat started the season with an abysmal 11-30 record, including a six-game losing streak, followed by a five-game losing streak. With the starting lineup marred by injuries to Justise Winslow, Chris Bosh and Josh McRoberts, Miami scrambled to piece together an NBA-caliber starting squad. Embarking on a daunting January road trip in which the Heat finished 1-5, many anticipated that the Heat simply bow out of competitive play and vie for a lottery pick.   

  Center Hassan Whiteside commented following the road trip, “We just looked ourselves in the mirror and said, ‘We gotta wake up. We gotta play better.‘”

  As February rolled around, players began to return from injury, and confidence levels rose. Taking advantage of a weak schedule, the Heat valiantly fought for a thirteen-game winning streak, landing the team square in the playoff hunt.

  Quality play through March has kept Miami in the thick of things, but they still find themselves behind former player Dwyane Wade and the Chicago Bulls.
  With two games remaining in the regular season, Miami would need to beat Cleveland and Washington to slide into the eighth seed, with help from the lowly Orlando Magic and Brooklyn Nets in beating Chicago. Miami could also move into a playoff spot with an Indiana loss to Atlanta, under the condition that Miami wins their final game.

  Shooting guard Tyler Johnson says, regarding the playoff race, “That’s all we can do, You can only control what you can control. We understand what we were able to do the second half of the season when people were kicking dirt on us. That’s the only way you can go out and finish the season with a win and we need a win to have an opportunity to get into the playoffs. We can’t control what other people do.”

  Dion Waiters, arguably the best player for the Heat down the stretch, remains questionable for the final games, being out for the past eleven with a sprained left ankle. Waiters’ absence from the lineup could prove to be the crushing blow to Miami’s season, as Heat fans eagerly wait an announcement.  

  The Heat close their season on April 12th against the Washington Wizards in a crucial game that has playoff implications for at least three teams.


Rowe will go

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    Florida Panthers interim coach Tom Rowe addressing the media after a 4-1 loss to the Montreal Canadiens on April 3rd.

Amid a vastly disappointing year, the Florida Panthers’ front office has officially announced that interim head coach Tom Rowe will be dismissed following the season finale next Sunday.

  Rowe, former coach and General Manager of the American Hockey League’s Portland Pirates, was hired as the Panthers head coach after the controversial firing of former head coach Gerard Gallant in November.

  Coaching the team for a total of 61 games, Rowe amassed a paltry 21 wins as the Panthers continuously plummeted down the standings this year. Ambitions were high this year, following a record-setting 103 point, division-winning season just one year ago. Now, Florida will likely finish the year with less than 80 points and seventh in their division.

  Fans outraged with Rowe’s performance have been vocal, as “Rowe must go” chants are heard throughout home games.

   Frustration seemingly piqued as a plane with a banner towing the message “Rowe must go! Call him a cab!” flew the area surrounding the BB&T center in the hour before the Panthers squared off against the Montreal Canadiens on April 3rd.

  Rowe was quoted as saying, “I knew coming here, to be part of it, if things didn’t go well I would be taking the brunt of it. But that’s fine. I can handle that. Fans pay great money to see us play and it’s their prerogative to speak their mind. I have no problem with that.”

  Very few positives have come from Rowe’s decision making this past year, such as the playing of 20-year old Aaron Ekblad following his third concussion in two years – which was added onto, as Ekblad was injured in his first game back.

  Adam Gretz of reports, “After missing a few games, he was cleared to play by the team’s medical staff and returned to the lineup on Tuesday, 10 days after the injury, and played 18 minutes in a loss to the Carolina Hurricanes. Based on what happened in the aftermath of that game, it seems pretty obvious he may not have been completely ready to return to the ice.”

  At this point in time, it is unknown who the leading candidates are for the head coaching vacancy that will be present, but Rowe is expecting to retain a position within the team’s front office.


Internet providers set their sights on you

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Amid the masquerade of a hectic newsweek, the US Senate quietly passed a proposal that would eliminate broadband privacy laws, allowing internet service providers to access their customer’s search histories and having the ability to sell and share information, putting all users at a significant risk.

The proposal, which would allow ISPs to sell the data they have to conglomerates, can be used to gain information, or even be sold to advertisers to enable targeted ads shown.

The aforementioned broadband laws, approved in October 2016, protected users’ privacy and were passed by the then Democratic-lead Federal Communications Commission. Similar to the majority of governmental positions, the FCC is now headed by Republicans, leading to the proposal passing through the house with a 50-48 vote.

Senator Ed Markey, a Democrat from Massachusetts says, “President Trump may be outraged by fake violations of his own privacy, but every American should be alarmed by the very real violation of privacy that will result [from] the Republican roll-back of broadband privacy protections.”

To add even more conspicuity to an unfastidious situation, ISPs such as Verizon and AT&T have made “donations” to state senators in hopes of persuading them to vote for the bill to pass. This creates an unethical precedence for corporations to be able to take advantage of the public. Verizon is known to have given $27,000 to senator Ted Cruz.

Violation of privacy presents a very modern yet real conflict within not only politics, but everyday life with the proposal’s potential signing as a law. Affecting the everyday citizen, a consumer’s search history can be exploited by potential employers or colleges. An otherwise lackadaisical search can prove to be socially fatal and tarnish the record of an individual, in a sense that should otherwise be a method of anonymity.

What senators seemingly fail to realize is that if made a law, the bill can be harmful to themselves. In a hypothetical situation in which the highest bidder could access the search history of a presidential candidate, made possible with the signing of this law, every candidate would likely be chastised for one thing or another.

The “big brother’ -esque worlds of dystopian novels could become a reality as online privacy is vanquished, a future that many feared would come one day.

To prevent this possible future, large numbers of people are signing petitions and writing letters to their local senators, warning them of the dangers that may follow suit.

Four Florida teams play their way into the NCAA Tournament

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    The 2017 field of teams


   This past Sunday, the NCAA Tournament committee selected the sixty-eight teams that will compete in this year’s rendition of March Madness.

  Four teams from Florida will make the run for the championship, those teams being the University of Florida, Florida State University, the University of Miami, and Florida Gulf Coast University. FGCU will represent the Atlantic Sun conference, following their winning of the conference championship.

  Following a successful season, Florida State looks to redeem a disappointing second-round exit in 2012 at the hands of Cincinnati. Led by junior Xavier Rathan-Mayes, averaging 10.8 points and 3 rebounds per game, as a three seed, the Seminoles face South Florida foe Florida Gulf Coast on March 16 in Orlando.

  ESPN basketball writer Eamonn Brennan said, “When FSU is flying up and down the floor, seizing mismatches and attacking the rim, as they were for most of the 2016-17 season, they’re one of the best teams in the country. But when they’re bad, they’re really bad.”

  Brennan cites the inconsistency shown by the team, specifically away from home. As the Seminoles know, tournament games are played at neutral sites, so if they want to advance, they must play efficient basketball.  

  The University of Florida enjoyed a successful season, finishing with a 24-8 record and ranked seventeenth. Competing in the relatively weak Southeastern Conference (SEC), the Gators have much to prove if they are to be seen with relevance on the national scale. The Gators enter the tournament as a four seed, matching up against Eastern Tennessee State University in the opening round, which should be seen as an easy win.

  Dropping games to fellow tournament teams Gonzaga, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Duke, Florida State, and Kentucky shows that Florida is relatively unsuccessful in competitive games. Carrying the team with a high octane offense, the Gators look to control the pace of play and score from the perimeter.

  Florida Gulf Coast is returning to the “big dance” for the second time in the past three years. Recalling the 2013 run to the Sweet Sixteen, FGCU, being the first and only fifteen seed to do so, was filled with high energy and spectacular dunks. Dubbed “Dunk City,” FGCU returns as one of the most athletic teams in the country,

  Dana Caldwell of the Naples Daily News said, “FGCU (26-7), which has won seven straight is, by far, the ASUN’s (Atlantic Sun) most athletic and deep team. Probably of all-time. Those ‘great’ guards are 6-foot-2 junior point Brandon Goodwin (team-high 18.2 points per game), an electrifying transfer from UCF and the ASUN’s Newcomer of the Year; [sic] 6-2 sophomore combo guard Zach Johnson (11.8 ppg), a fantastic driver with the ability to light games up from  behind the arc.”

  The Eagles will seek to return to the Sweet Sixteen with athletic playmaking and three-point shooting.

  Located in Coral Gables, the University of Miami presents an interesting opponent in the tournament. Plagued by inconsistency, the Hurricanes struggle to produce in high stakes games, as seen in their 78-53 loss to North Carolina on March 9. Despite this, UM is never a team to take lightly, as they are always capable of an upset. Duke found that out the hard way following a loss on Feb. 25.

  Miami matches up against an underwhelming Michigan State squad, in which they should be seen as favorites, as an eight seed. Historically, Miami has not been a strong tournament team, oftentimes bowing out in the first or second round, but aim to prove critics wrong, as they would likely play top seeded Kansas.

 Tournament play begins this week across the country.

Let’s Move ATL

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Students and faculty collaborated to create a video to raise awareness for the “Let’s Move” movement at Atlantic High School to promote fitness and exercise.



Angela Williams drives the campaign at our school – video production

Jackson Destine, junior at Atlantic, made the rap
Natalie De Feliz and Julia Zuniga, art teachers at Atlantic, created the shirts used in the video


Team Italy gears up for World Baseball Classic run

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    Italy manager Marco Mazzieri

  Announcing their roster this past week, Team Italy aims to surprise once again following a successful run in the 2013 event.

  Occurring every four years, the World Baseball Classic showcases the top baseball players competing against one another on the international level.

  A number of Major League players anticipate making the roster including Francisco Cervelli and Brandon Nimmo, giving the Italians solid hitting with strong defensive play. Upsetting the accredited Mexican team in the past iteration of the WBC, the Italians will not be taken lightly this time around.

  Italy will compete in group D alongside powers Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. With the presence of a strong pool, it will likely be tough for Italy to advance into the second round of games. This fact is supplemented by the loss of Chicago Cubs star Anthony Rizzo due to injury.

  Rizzo led the Italians in 2013 in hitting and was instrumental for a ninth-inning comeback against Mexico and a 14-4 thwarting of Canada.

  Baseball writer Tony DeMarco says, “The schedule-makers did Team Italy no favors, as this arguably is the deepest and most-balanced first-round pool. Keep in mind that host Mexico will be looking for revenge for a 2013 loss”

  The spotlight fixes on New York Mets outfield prospect Brandon Nimmo as he will attempt to be the power in the middle of the Italian lineup that they so desperately need. Following a mediocre season with the Mets in which he posted a .274 batting average, Nimmo hopes to showcase his power and defensive prowess.

  Team Italy opens their tournament play on March 9 against Mexico.

Panthers claw their way into a playoff spot

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  Following a rather tumultuous first half of the season, the return of forwards Jonathan Huberdeau and Aleksander Barkov have rejuvenated the Florida Panthers to five straight wins and a clear path to the playoffs.

  This past offseason, co-owners Doug Cifu and Vincent Viola took steps towards success, signing top free agent defensemen Keith Yandle and Jason Demers. In these signings, Cifu and Viola showed that they are willing to spend in order to win games, something that the Panthers’ management has never done in the past.

  Mediocrity emanated through the first half of the season, with the Panthers sitting squarely at tenth place in the Eastern Conference, due in part to a multitude of injuries to top flight players including the aforementioned Huberdeau and Barkov. By All-Star Weekend, Florida was seen largely as a non-threat for contenders like Washington and Pittsburgh, possibly being noted sellers on the March 1 trade deadline.

  Panthers beat writer George Richards, following a  December 28th loss to Toronto, said, “Florida came into the night closer to last place (three points in front of New Jersey) in the Eastern Conference than to Boston for third place (four points back) in the Atlantic. On the 28th, the Maple Leafs beat the Panthers for the third time this season, albeit by a smaller margin than the 6-1 rout in Toronto last month.”

   Expectations were low – set even lower following the controversial firing of head coach Gerard Gallant in November – and all of the makings of a largely forgettable season were present.

  On the morning of Feb. 3, Panthers team doctor David Westerdahl officially cleared Huberdeau and Barkov for play, setting the duo up for a return that night against Anaheim. The Panthers proceeded to win that game by a score of 2-1, one of the goals being scored by Huberdeau on a feed from Barkov.

  In this single game, the two highly skilled players showed their true impact on the Panthers. Danny Janicas of TheRatTrick, regarding the game, said, “Huberdeau did not skip a beat once in last night’s game. He was all over the ice like a mad man [sic]. Whether it was beating his opponent to the puck, laying a big check, or even making plays, Huberdeau did it all last night. In his return to the lineup, Jonathan Huberdeau notched the game winning goal in what would be an important 2-1 win for the Cats.”

  As Florida began to rack up wins in the following games, momentum began to build. Cifu and Viola’s team was finally seen in its fruition. A fast, skilled, overpowering hockey club that had not been seen this year up until the past three weeks, bringing concern to the remaining teams in a playoff race, as the Panthers were quickly climbing the standings.

  Beginning Feb. 11, Florida embarked on a daunting five-game road trip, facing off against five playoff teams, and the always dreaded California road trip. Captain Derek MacKenzie said, “This is a season on the line road trip. We have to leave it all on the line here.”

  Leaving it all on the line is just what they did, putting up seven goals on Nashville in the first game of the trip, winning by the score of 7-4, followed by a clean sweep of California, defeating San Jose, Anaheim, and Los Angeles, respectively before closing out the excursion with a win over St. Louis, in which center Vincent Trocheck scored the game winner with 4.6 seconds remaining.

  The success of the five game stretch carried over to the players, as they have a newfound confidence regarding the twenty-seven games they have remaining, and find themselves in a playoff spot, sitting at third place in the Atlantic division, sitting at 66 points, four behind second place Ottawa and four behind Montreal for the division lead. Hockey pundit Tim Reynolds shows the dominance shown by the Panthers, quoting the statistic, “The Panthers played 18,000 seconds of hockey on this road trip and trailed for 93 of them.”

    This return to form can almost solely be accredited to Barkov and Huberdeau’s strong play out of the gates from their return, with Huberdeau amassing eleven points in the eight games that he has been back.

  Moreover, stellar play from backup goaltender James Reimer has carried the team, playing six of the last seven games, resting thirty-eight year old Roberto Luongo for a potential playoff run.

  Florida looked incredibly sharp as a team these past several weeks and they look to continue their winning ways on Feb. 24 against Johnny Gaudreau and the Calgary Flames in South Florida.



UConn bet that they’ve reached one hundred

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    Uconn players celebrate following their 100th consecutive win. Photo courtesy of

   Despite the presence of a basketball dynasty, University of Connecticut’s women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma had never contemplated winning one hundred games in a row. Last Tuesday, the Huskies exceeded expectations by reaching the record setting plateau of one hundred in a row.

  It has been 820 days since “UConn” last fell victim to a loss, and given the disparity between themselves and the rest of their conference – let alone the nation – the winning streak will continue through the remaining games of the season, and likely into the postseason tournament.

 UConn’s path to success has not been one of ease. When Coach Auriemma was appointed to his still-held position in 1985, Connecticut was nowhere near the level of play that the team is at now, let alone seen as a national power or dynasty.

  Facing off against rivals Notre Dame and Baylor this season, many pundits, such as Graham Hays from, believed that the Huskies would fall slightly short.

  “That wasn’t supposed to be enough for this team. Institutional memory has its limits. Even here. UConn entered the season as a four-time defending champion working on one of the longest winning streaks in history. It did not enter the season ranked, which tells you something about the benefit of doubt not extended this particular group of returning players,” said Graham in an interview.

  The one hundredth straight win was even seen as a potential loss, squaring off against number six ranked South Carolina.

  This is not a UConn team that measures up against past teams with stars such as Diana Taurasi, featuring a weak bench and a slow moving offense. Yet, Connecticut’s impressive streak can be accredited to smart coaching and efficiency, something that Coach Ariemma has become known for throughout the years.

  The Huskies have four games remaining in the regular season before being a surefire number one seed in the postseason tournament, barring a collapse of epic proportions. They will be seen as heavy favorites and look to continue strong play through the remainder of the year.


Nintendo or Nintendon’t?

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    The Nintendo Switch, releasing March 3rd.

   Despite two media events surrounding the new device, the Nintendo Switch is consistently marred by nagging questions. On Monday, Nintendo answered some of these, specifically those regarding the hardware.

  Nintendo revealed that the 6.2 inch touchscreen of the tablet can, and will, produce 720p resolution while the video output whilst docked is 1920 x 1080  and 60 frames per second. In addition, a 4310 mAh battery will be used. With this battery, users can expect a range of 3.5-6 hours of game time while undocked, depending on the intensity and power level of the game being played.

  As for the operating system, fans were given a peek at its sleek design. Somewhat similar to the 3DS home menu, the Switch will implement cube-shaped boxes that will represent applications and games. Perhaps borrowing from the PlayStation 4’s Operating System,, the screen will scroll horizontally.

  Technology website Techradar said, “The biggest thing we’re still waiting for information on in terms of hardware at the moment, then, is the CPU/GPU which on the specifications page is still only listed as a NVIDIA customized Tegra processor.”

  Having been burned by Nintendo’s last flop, the Wii U, consumers feel entitled to full information disclosure from the Japanese giants before purchasing.

  Describing the externals of the device, Yahoo Tech said,“When it comes to the Switch’s dock, the USB ports, TV output LED and the system connector are all found up front. The USB ports are handy for the Pro controllers and the Joy-Con charging grip — both of which are sold separately. Another USB port that works with USB 2.0 and 3.0 is found at the back of the dock, along with the AC adaptor port, HDMI port and the back cover.”

  In what appears to be a critical success for Nintendo – a much needed one at that – the hardware specifications nail the power of the Switch somewhere between the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One.       

  Reaching new standards for graphical capabilities for Nintendo, never being heralded for particularly fantastic graphics, “The big N” seeks to change that with its hardware for the future.

  The Nintendo Switch releases March 3 to the public, listed at $299.99.

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