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Moviegoers “split” on controversy

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    Promo shot for Shyamalan's latest film: Split

Note: This article’s intent is that of an open letter. In no way is the article meant to belittle any personal viewpoints or ideologies.

  • Caden DeLisa


  When one thinks of acclaimed movie producer M. Night Shyamalan, the 2002 cult classic Signs often comes to mind. The psychological thriller captured audiences with great acting and cinematography. Shyamalan followed up his success with disappointments, such as The Last Airbender, The Village, and The Happening. Split was aimed to be Shyamalan’s return to success, penning A-list actor James McAvoy as the lead actor and a moderate level of hype surrounding the movie.

   Released on Jan. 20, Split received fair success from critics, earning a 75% on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 7.5/10 on Metacritic.

   However, controversy surrounded the film as the main character, Kevin, portrayed by the aforementioned McAvoy, is played with dissociative identity disorder (DID), meaning that the character has multiple personalities (twenty four to be exact) within the movie.

   Alison Miller, author and psychologist, discussed DID. She said,  “Punishments include such things as flashbacks, flooding of unbearable emotions, painful body memories, flooding of memories in which the survivor perpetrated against others, self-harm, and suicide attempts.”

  Due to one of the personalities that Mcavoy’s character inhibits being female, controversy mars the film. In association with Kevin’s mental disorder, he acts out the personality that he feels, whether that be through tone, vernacular, or through the way he dresses.

  The staff comments “Cue accusations that M. Night Shyamalan is being ‘transphobic’ and disrespectful to the LGBTQ community.”

  The petition headlined, “Boycott Split for it’s backwards representations of gender identity and mental illness!” is written by Sarah Rose, who appears not to have seen the movie and calls its lead actor James McAvoy “Kevin McAvoy.”

  She states, “At one point during the trailer for the film, McAvoy’s character is also wearing a dress and heels.”

  In its entirety, Split does not portray dissociative identity disorder as a negative symptom. The character Kevin is acted out in the same way that the Joker is labeled as clinically insane, followed by villainous antics involving death and destruction. In the film, Kevin kidnaps three teenage girls, acting out on one of his more childlike personalities, simply “finding friends” in his mind.

 Petition founder Sarah Rose comments, “This entire film is problematic in it’s [sic] narrative. At a time when so much attention is being paid to mental illness and gender identity, we’ve reduced both conversations to a horror movie trope.”

  As a person that enjoys film, it is simply outlandish to criticize a movie regarding its characters when not necessary. If any signs of transphobia or rudimentary showings of mental illness are depicted, in which they are not in this film, are present, it can become problematic towards not only the director, but the actors as well, and that reputation can stick. This film overshadows true violations that could possibly occur in cinematography, and creates a “soft” viewer base that will have a muddled ideology of offense.   

  It’s not difficult – simply watch and enjoy the movies that are released.



Consumer Electronics Show powers up for a new year

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  • honda-riding-assist.jpg
    Honda's rider assist is showcased at CES 2017
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    Hulu's Live TV streaming service is introduced
  • kuri-robot-CES-2017-designboomthumb600.jpg
    Kuri the Nanny Robot says hello

  Showcasing the newest pinnacles of technological innovation, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) gave its latest rendition this past week in Las Vegas, Nevada. In its fiftieth anniversary show, the 2017 transcription offered a peek at never seen technologies by conglomerates such as Honda and Samsung.

  Seen by many as a proverbial “looking glass into the future,” the CES is reminiscent of past World Fairs, in which technology would be similarly demonstrated. Hulu took advantage of the show to introduce its new live TV streaming platform. Purchased at a flat rate monthly, the service provides users with an interactive live TV feed in which DVR recording is available. Stated in their presentation, Hulu Live will likely be released to the public by May or June.

  It’s not often that a product truly stuns its users at CES, but LG’s W-Series OLED TV did exactly that. A slim 2.6 millimeters thick across its entire device, it can become the slimmest television device available on the market. The visuals are stunning, offering 4K capabilities and HDR support to deliver sharp images no matter the use. In addition to the visuals, the television plans to ship alongside a Dolby-Atmos sound bar, producing crisp sound to supplement the visuals.

  In consecutive years, automotive technology is gaining traction among visitors of the show. Honda’s Riding Assist is a particularly unique piece of technology that seems to be fantasy when first seen as it self-stabilizes a motorcycle, creating a much safer experience for riders. Unlike much of what is seen at CES every year, Riding Assist is exceptionally new, and has the potential to become a hot item. In a very iterative CES, Honda’s Rider Assist stands out above the rest of the crowd.

  “The system borrows balance technology from Honda’s prototype Uni-Cub, a personal transporter that has an innovative wheel that can travel in any direction without turning. The rider sits on the Uni-Cub and the device keeps itself upright. Honda says the technology could make riding in slow moving traffic more pleasurable because it frees the rider from having to keep the bike balanced by constantly moving his or her body,” said Martyn Williams, PC World writer.

  In addition to automotive and streaming devices, wearable tech has seen a surge in demand, as the technology has been utilized to benefit health and life services, as seen in the FitBit. This year’s most interesting product has been dubbed Kuri the Nanny Robot. Shown exclusively as a roving security camera, it can check on kids and pets while the user is in other parts of the house. Programmed to have several smart-home capabilities, the Nanny Robot is able to perform simple commands such as dimming lights and controlling a thermostat.

  Especially useful for busy families, the Nanny Robot hopes to release next December, lying at a price point of $699.00 and will be available in Japan, England, and the United States on release.

  An array of exciting and enticing new devices were shown at this year’s show, with hopes that the consumer technology market can continue to proliferate its success in the modern world.

Atlantic student creates art

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LGiven the accredited art program at Atlantic, many students strive for greatness. In these photos, it can be seen that senior Emily Oliveras holds the same goal towards her art.


Photo courtesy of Emily Oliveras

Heat limp to the quarter mark of the NBA season

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    Justise Winslow following a shot made

   Reaching the quarter mark of the NBA, the Miami Heat sputtered to a paltry 7-17 record, generating dismay throughout the organization.

  Entering the season with lowered expectations because of injuries to key player Chris Bosh and the departure of longtime franchise player Dwyane Wade, the Heat began the season with a solid 108-96 opening night win over the rival Orlando Magic. All forms of inspiration from the opening night left south Florida as the Heat stumbled to a 2-8record in their first ten games.

  Injuries to many of the players on the roster can be to blame, with players like Josh McDonalds and the aforementioned Chris Bosh out long-term. Given the departure of Wade, budding star Justise Winslow has struggled to fill the demand. While being productive, he fails to produce the same numbers that Wade did a season ago.

  Wade has flourished for his hometown Bulls, averaging 20.1 points a game, while Winslow averages 11.6.

  Along with a struggling teams comes lukewarm reception from fans, especially in a sports market as fickle as south Florida. Ananth Pandian, basketball writer, said, “Miami’s home sellout streak continues at 302 games, second longest in the NBA, but empty seats have been an increasingly glaring issue and made a paper tiger of that streak. Actual attendance is down. And ask any season-ticket holder about the resale market.

As recently as last season Miami was still a top-10 draw (ninth) in average road attendance. So far this season, post-Wade, Miami has plummeted to 23rd. Local Heat TV ratings fell 27 percent, to a 5.0 average, the first season after LeBron left. They dipped to 4.5 last season. Early this season, post-Wade, they’d fallen to 3.7.”

    With the Heat consistently being dubbed the most popular team in south Florida, that moniker can easily disappear with the presence of the upstart Dolphins and youthful, yet successful Panthers.

  Coach Erik Spoelstra hopes that once the roster is completely healthy, the Heat can succeed and possibly pull within reach of a playoff spot.

The gaming industry creates controversy

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    The Last Guardian

   Following seven years of development, The Last Guardian released to the PlayStation store this week. The development of video games receives scrutiny from the media, but is it warranted?

     Initially announced at the 2009 Entertainment Expo Event in Los Angeles, California, The Last Guardian tells the tale of a boy with no memory sense and the inability to remember even minute details regarding his surroundings. Developed by Team ICO, developers of the acclaimed game  Shadow of the Colossus, The Last Guardian came with heavy hype, with an absolutely stunning cinematic trailer that showed off the impressive graphics capable for the PlayStation 3.

      The issue with the release of the game is the current year. It’s 2016. Why did this game take seven years to develop, only to be met with lukewarm reviews? Why are situations like this becoming more prevalent throughout the gaming industry?

      Gaming giant Ubisoft has become synonymous with disappointing announcements of delay, with two games this calendar year having been delayed: The Division and South Park: The Fractured but Whole.

      The answer to these frustrating questions lie in the game producers themselves. Companies like Electronic Arts and the aforementioned Ubisoft attempt to rush out glitchy, buggy, and, at times, unfinished games in order to deliver to the consumer.

     EA was caught in backlash with their release of Star Wars: Battlefront, in which half of the content promised on the game was not on the “finished” product. The excuse given was that EA wanted to rush the game out to the public to coincide with the release of Star Wars: The  Force Awakens, thinking that it would lead to higher sales.  

      Developmental issues in Triple-A games (games released from a conglomerate) may have lead to the rise of indie games. Ever heard of Minecraft? Five Nights At Freddie’s? Undertale? Of course you have. The mentioned games come with spectacular reviews and great replayability value, something that Triple-A games have been lacking. Indie, a genre in the gaming world, stands for independent developers, meaning that the developers of the game are not bound by companies like Microsoft or Sony to make games with limitations; they’re free to create how they please.

     Indie games are some of the most played games in this current console generation, almost never having the issues that riddle Triple-A games such as unfinished products or delays, possibly becoming the future of gaming. So the scapegoats of my question posed lie at the feet of large developers. Companies like Ubisoft have single handedly muddled the gaming market to the point where consumers are scared to pre-order games. Indie games can be the future, and we can show it.

Panthers pull surprising move amid Gallant’s dismissal

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    Gallant waiting for a taxi following his firing as head coach of the Florida Panthers

Amid a disappointing 11-10-1 start to the season after twenty games, the Florida Panthers, the former Atlantic Division champions, have fired head coach Gerard Gallant in a somewhat surprising move.

  Expectations were high for the Panthers coming into the season, marred by the fact that top players Jonathan Huberdeau and Nick Bjugstad went down with injuries in preseason games, out long term.

  However, Panthers joint owners Vincent Viola and Doug Cifu hold a “win now” mentality with the team, aspiring to win a Stanley Cup within the next three years. The Panthers traveled to Raleigh, North Carolina on sunday to face off against the Carolina Hurricanes. Despite building up a 2-0 lead in the first period, the Panthers ultimately fell 3-2 in what appeared to be the owner’s final straw with Gallant.

  The way the Panthers lost, giving up three consecutive goals, proved to be the proverbial nail in the coffin for Gallant. “We just said we were going to be making a coaching change.” General Manager Tom Rowe continues, “We didn’t go into a whole lot of detail. We just said the inconsistency of the team and we wanted to take the team in a different direction.” Rowe will take over as the head coach of the team as he formerly coached the Panthers’ minor league affiliate team, the Springfield Thunderbirds.

  Gallant reportedly had multiple disagreements with team management  over the summer regarding the direction of the team “There was a philosophical divide,” Rowe said. “We wanted to develop a team and build a team that was fast, that moved the puck quickly that attacked the offensive net, pressure the puck in all three zones. Gerard and I talked about it. He said he wanted to get a little more size. We decided to go in a different direction. Were we on the same page every day of the week? No … [We] had a philosophy that was different and that did weigh into the decision.”

  The Panthers now sit at tenth place in the Eastern Conference, but just two points out of a playoff spot, which is why the head coaching change comes as a surprise. Gallant is a very popular coach among the hockey community, who are seemingly upset at his dismissal.

  “You can’t fire a coach right after he has been nominated for coach of the year, can you? But the Panthers canned Gallant. For no justifiable reason,” said hockey pundit Pierre LeBrun. He refers to Gallant’s nomination for the coach of the year award in the preceding season.

  It will be an interesting finish for the Panthers this year, with time still remaining in the season for a playoff push. The Panthers play next on Saturday, December 3rd, in Ottawa against the Senators,  

Atlantic football soars into the second round of the playoffs

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 Ending the previous season with a crushing loss against the Flanagan High Falcons, the Atlantic Eagles seek vengeance in this year’s playoffs. Cruising through the regular season, the Eagles boast an impressive 8-3 overall record with notable wins against Boca Raton High School and Wellington High School.

  The Eagles faced district foe Wellington in the first round of the district playoffs, putting them away easily with a 28-21 final score in a game that was not nearly as close as the score tells.

  Safety and Duke University commit Marquis Waters, who 247Sports describes as “an explosive player that can take charge in any situation,” as he leads the way for the Eagles as they now face the Palm Beach Gardens High School Gators in the second round, coming in as favorites. The Gators had upset district rival Park Vista last week in a shocker, winning by 10 points, with a score of 38-28. The Gators are known for using an offense that mixes up a running and passing game. Runningback Dennis Hubbard proves to be a dynamic back that can exploit any holes in a defense.

  Atlantic hopes to combat this offense by putting emphasis on the play of their safeties. Presumably being brought up for safety blitzes and staying back for cover options rotationally, Palm Beach Garden’s offense will hopefully be held at ease.

  Make sure to catch Atlantic’s game at Palm Beach Gardens tonight!

Week 9 college football recap

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Following an exciting week of college football, the playoff scene is slightly clearer. At the number one spot comes Alabama, winning a tough defensive battle against rival LSU by a score of 10-0. Having a high-octane offense, it comes across as slightly concerning that the Crimson Tide was only able to score a touchdown and a field goal on a mediocre LSU team.

           Sitting idly in second place comes Clemson University. The Tigers cruised to victory over Syracuse 54-0. Clemson quarterback and Heisman trophy hopeful, Deshaun Watson, left the game in the second quarter due to shoulder stiffness after receiving a hit from a Syracuse lineman. Sitting at a perfect 9-0, Clemson aims to complete a perfect season with games remaining against Pittsburgh, Wake Forest, and South Carolina.

Returning to national relevance, the Wolverines of the University of Michigan also hold an undefeated record, navigating through a very talented Big Ten conference. Winning big conference games in Happy Valley against #10 Penn State and a home game against #8 Wisconsin show the sheer talent that this team holds. Michigan holds a Heisman contender of its own in Jabrill Peppers, a dual linebacker and defensive back. Peppers is arguably the best defensive players in the nation.“I can think of five different positions he could be really good at,” says Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh. Uniquely, Peppers has the ability to play offensively and defensively, having lined up for several plays at wide receiver and returning punts, finding success. Michigan faces another tough foe this week against Iowa.

Rounding out the top four in the rankings comes the University of Washington. The Huskies lead the Pac-12 conference over rivals Washington State and Stanford after winning all nine games that they’ve played in thus far. Led by quarterback Jake Browning, the Huskies run a fast paced offense that oftentimes catch their opponents off guard. Seen as a cinderella team, Washington quickly rose to national prominence under head coach Chris Petersen.  Having to face in-state rival Washington State, in what has been dubbed the “Apple Cup”, may be the only thing standing between Washington and their first college football playoff appearence. Washington goes in as a three point favorite. They continue their quest for perfection this week against #20 USC in Seattle.

Ohio St. and Louisville remain hot on the heels of the top four in the latest rankings, with both teams coming off big wins against conference opponents. Lamar Jackson, Heisman favorite and quarterback of Louisville is on pace to break the record for most total touchdowns by an individual player. As of now, he has attributed to 45 touchdowns with three games to go, needed 48 to break the record. Ohio State obliterated #10 Nebraska at home this past week with a convincing 62-3 victory.

College football playoff rankings are released every tuesday at 7 pm on ESPN.


No Man’s Sky crashes and burns

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    No Man's Sky cover art

   Released in August 2016, No Man’s Sky, an action-adventure game released for the Playstation 4, hoped to revolutionize the gaming industry. However, the game is now considered one of the biggest scams in the gaming industry.

   Initially announced at the 2013 VGX award show, hype began building almost immediately as the game that gamers have been waiting for. The premise of the game is based on “four pillars,” said lead developer Sean Murray, with those four principal activities being exploration, crafting, trading, and combat as players assume control of a galactic explorer throughout an uncharted galaxy.

  The uniqueness of this game arises in its procedurally generated planets and contents of the planets, meaning that no two people will experience the same game. The game uses a deterministic algorithm that derives from a single seed number to create eighteen quintillion unique planets. The player is given what is called a “multitool” to aid in the search for minerals and even defend themselves from creatures that inhabit the planet.

  No Man’s Sky was heavily marketed as “the game of the future,” and developer Sean Murray was quoted promising features such as “a coexistence between players in a large universe, but it’s unlikely that anyone will meet another player considering how large each universe is.” This claim was thwarted on the first day of release, with two players meeting each other in the game by chance. From this point on, it is has been determined by critics and gamers that No Man’s Sky was nothing more than a game full of lies.

  Advertisements used to promote the game were claimed to be screenshots, but were revealed to be pre-rendered images to make the graphics seem sharper and more realistic than they are in actuality. The final trailer for the game showed a diverse planet robust of plant life and life forms, but was determined to be pre-rendered footage to again make the game seem much more interactive. Multiplayer was promised, but ceased to be actual multiplayer, with many players not even being able to see others, and the list of complaints continues.

  In its review of the game, the Polygon website described the game as “a mile wide, but an inch deep,” citing the countless numbers of planets to explore, but explaining that each planet seems to be the same planet with a different skin. On the gaming platform Steam, No Man’s Sky holds a twelve percent rating and has the highest number of game refunds since Steam’s inception.

  Seemingly adding insult to injury, it has been announced by the Advertising Standards Authority that they have launched an investigation on the game as “screenshots on the Steam store depict a differing form of combat than what is actually available in game” according to the PC Gamer website. As a result of No Man’s Sky, Steam now requires promotional screenshots to be actual in-game footage.

  Unfortunately, No Man’s Sky is not the game that it was said to be. Could the disappointment be attributed to the unprecedented level of hype that this game received? Possibly. Regardless of the anticipation, no game should have this many fallacies on release. Hopefully other developers take notice and make quality games that are free of bugs and glitches.


Everything you need to know about the Nintendo Switch

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    A stock image of the Nintendo Switch

   Nintendo fans’ questions regarding a new console from the Japanese video game power have finally been quelled with the reveal of the Switch. Once again, Nintendo aims for innovation, as the Switch appears to be a home console-handheld hybrid. Given the codename “NX”, the console itself contains a 6.7 inch OLED (organic light-emitting diode) and a kickstand. It is unknown at this time if it is a touchscreen or not.

    “While not as powerful as the Xbox One and PS4, the Switch houses a Nvidia Tegra Processor, making it the most powerful handheld to date by a very wide margin” according to the Express website. There has been no mention of 4K or virtual reality compatibility, but the console will be more than capable of the former, indicating that it is a possibility that 4K streaming will be commercially available for platforms such as Netflix and Hulu. With this prospect, the Switch can be used for much more than gaming, possibly becoming an entertainment center..

    Reminiscent of a tablet screen, it connects to two controllers that have been dubbed “Joy-Cons”, which can be unattached at any time for comfort and the sake of being ergonomical. The true innovation lies in the way that a person can use the device.

    Whilst at home, the console can be connected to a dock, which displays the game on a television, with the Joy-Con’s connecting to resemble a traditional standard controller. If on the go,  the Switch can be brought along by simply connecting the Joy-Con’s back onto the main device, transforming it to a handheld device. A noteworthy submission from the Joy-Con controller is its lack of a traditional D-pad, being replaced with four buttons rather than a simplified pad that has been used in nearly all controllers to date.

    An interesting aspect shown in the reveal trailer is the capability to play split screen, meaning that two people can play on the same screen on the device itself. Although surprising, it is a welcome feature that shows that Nintendo is not afraid to try things with gaming that have never been done before. Compatibility with the Joy-Con controller is seamless with split screen, with each player being able to use one controller to play the game. At a time in gaming that features heavy emphasis on solidarity, it appears that Nintendo is pushing social gaming.

    Nintendo is heading back to the old days in gaming, announcing that they will use cartridges instead of the industry standard discs. Cartridges tend to be able to hold less memory space than discs, so it will be interesting to see how Nintendo utilizes them in an efficient fashion.

   “The Nintendo Switch is highly innovative for console and handheld gaming. I hope that other developers take note and put forth more effort to create dynamic devices like the Switch,” said Showad Huda, senior.

    One of the biggest concerns for the Switch is the third-party support that it will receive, with the lack of support being the cause for the Wii U’s lack of sales and ultimate failure as a console.

    However, shortly after the release of the Switch, Nintendo provided the press with a list of forty-eight developers willing to support the company’s endeavors with the innovative new console. Developers on the list include Ubisoft, CAPCOM, Sega, EA, Activision.

     As far as games go, the launch lineup looks promising. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be the headliner, having won an array of awards at the E3 showcase this year in Los Angeles. The list will be supplemented by titles such as an unnamed Mario platformer, Skyrim, the NBA2K series, and Splatoon. The list of titles is anticipated to grow in the coming months before the official release of the console.

     The Switch looks to appeal to an older demographic than its previous consoles, says The Next Web, even going so far as to make it a point to not include any families or young children playing the console in the reveal video, using only young adults and older teenagers. With this in mind, it may indicate that Nintendo might be trying to create more “mature” games in comparison to their typical Super Mario Bros. or Kirby games, taking on games such as Assassin’s Creed and Skyrim.

    A price point has not been listed for the console, but it is speculated that the machine may sell for anywhere between $250 and $350 dollars. After two long years of waiting, Nintendo’s newest console is ready to hit the shelves in March 2017, so get excited.

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