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Teen Life in Healthier Delray Beach: How to get involved

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teen-logoWhen presenting the idea before their classmates then before the principle he had a mission, to make an impact in his community. After suffering with PTSD himself due to Haiti Earthquake, Claude wanted to change the perception of mental health among the community beginning with his peers. His motivation and desire for community involvement, and to end the stigma on Mental Health. This led him to create his own club,Teen Life in HDB, an after school club that talks about Mental illness and develops ideas to create a no judgment zone.And hold fun lunch events that showcase the cause.
Atlantic High is the home of many clubs and activities, so there is always an opportunity to get involved. Being involved in your school community holds benefits for your use. Finding like-minded people, a potential career interest, or current interest; but if you cannot find a club that fits your vision or a school need, create one. At club rush, a lot of new and original clubs to be apart of and start the trend. I myself took the initiative to join a few, being involved in my school community gave me opportunities to meet new people try new and interesting things.

Two years ago, Claude Lamarre and a couple of friends sat down with Ms. Ocampo with the idea of creating a club that educates students Mental Health in an engaging way. When Teen Life in Healthier Delray Beach was approved his first thought was “ now, how can we promote this club with a bang?” That was the start of even greater things to come, So that May they planned Lunch Events, where the students can enjoy music, play fun games while learning about Mental Health and the statistics. At the event they had a ton of sign-ups interested in the club, so they gathered all the names and that summer was filled with planning on what to do the following school year to get the message across. They held monthly meetings and had a great consistent group.
Now, during this school year, their goal is to spread information with the whole, student body through having posters around the school kids can write on to express themselves. At their recent planning meeting, the first topic they want to address to the student public is self-love. They wish to approach this by having a 3-day weekly challenge involving a wall they can decorate or write a promise to themselves. We also want to post inspiring quotes or poems on self-love so as they pass by they can remember the value of self-worth.Teen Life wanted to end it with an after school get together where the students are invited after school to reflect about this project talk about self-love, and do a fun art project for a keepsake. This will be on the week on November 6th.
The message of self-love is valued trait and should be displayed among the whole school. So, get involved or create your own club that may benefit your student community, and make a difference in this world just by your involvement. I would also want to encourage to get involved in school whether it’s during or after, make an impact, leave a legacy on this great landmark. Most importantly have fun doing it and enjoy the new experiences you will be exposed to during your high school journey.

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