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Why There Are Trigger Warnings in  Season 2 of ‘13 Reasons Why’?

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Yup! You heard right, Clay himself will be addressing some the concerns that many viewers had about season 1. 13 Reasons why follows a young girl by the name of Hannah Baker who killed herself. She left behind 13 tapes and each tape describes a situation and why it influenced her to take her own life.

Topics like suicide, rape, and bullying are very touchy subjects and when discussed often result in discomfort from people who have endured scenarios like the character Hannah. Previously, Netflix did not include any type of warning before explicit scenes preparing viewers for what they were about to watch.

Soon after the release of the show, there were a few young girls who actually committed suicide and their parents made it seem as if it was due to the impact of the show. Situations like that resulted in the new season of ‘13 Reasons Why’ will have trigger warnings and disclaimers before the episodes.

Following the discussion of the debatable scenes in the show, Netflix conducted a study and they surveyed and asked about ways they could improve the show. Over two-thirds of the study thought that Netflix should have the cast talk to their viewers about suicide awareness and discuss how to get support.

The warning before the show is stated by different actors from the show like Katherine Langford, Alisha Boe, Dylan Minnette, and Justin Prentice. They speak to the audience out of character addressing their concerns for the viewers. Each of the actors say different versions of the following “If you’re struggling with these issues yourself, this series may not be right for you, or you may want to watch it with a trusted adult,”. This now gives viewers the option to continue to watch the show or have a trusted friend to watch along with them.


Necessary tips about 9th and 10th grade :

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Source: I choose this picture because it signifies some of the required courses you take in high school. Also, it fits what the article is about and gives a visual representation of the content in the article.
I choose this picture because it signifies some of the required courses you take in high school. Also, it fits what the article is about and gives a visual representation of the content in the article. Photo courtesy of


High school is designed so that every year is a building block for the next. In other words, the classes that are available to take junior and senior years depend in large part on what you’ve been doing the previous years.

  This means that 9th and 10th grade are the setup years; this is when the essential classes should be taken and high level classes later. Freshman year can be a really hard adjustment year. You suddenly have high school-level demands, much more academic and social pressure, not to mention the coming of age process and the surge of hormones that come with it. Actually, 9th grade is the make it or break it year – the year that determines whether kids stay to finish high school or drop out altogether.

  In the article “The Importance of the Ninth Grade on High School Graduation Rates and Student Success” by Kyle Megan McCallumore, it said, During the 9th-grade year, many students for the first time have to earn passing grades in core courses, and these core courses are typically some of the toughest and most rigorous academic classes a student must take in high school. Furthermore, the rising use of standardized tests to measure school performance, and exit exams required to earn a diploma add to the difficulty and importance of doing well in high school.” This shows the difficulty and importance of not only starting off well but closing that first year strong. The trick is to stay motivated and look at the big picture good grades equal free college.

  Ninth grade is not where it stops though. According to the article “How to prepare: 10th Grade” by The Common Application, it says that, “In 9th grade, you started exploring various opportunities and planting your roots in areas of interest. Now that you’re in 10th grade, your strengths are getting ready to blossom. It’s up to you to sustain your growth by developing new skills and maintaining involvement in activities. Think of skills and involvement as the soil and water that will enable you to grow.”

  For this year, you’ll want to stay on track with your classes and activities and begin to narrow down the plan for your future. Taking the PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) as a sophomore will help prepare you for the real thing next year. Additionally, you can ask your guidance counselor about assessment programs offered by American College Testing. This program helps determine your study habits and academic progress and interests; it will also prepare you for the ACT. Lastly, keep your grades up. There’s going to be a lot of things competing for your attention but it’s important to remain focused on doing well in your classes. Remember that your grades affect your GPA and class rank, which are two factors that colleges consider in the admission process.

South Florida Bulls once again take the win

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Gravelle Craig led Bethune-Cookman Wildcats vs. Orlando Antigua led USF Bulls at the USF Sundome.

The South Florida Bulls is the basketball team for University of South Florida. They represent the school in NCAA Division I where they are currently a member of the American Athletic Conference. The Bulls play their home games at the USF Sun Dome in Tampa, FL. The beginning of the college basketball program at USF was in 1971. The first game was a 74–73 victory over Stetson University. They ended the season with eight wins and 17 losses.  

  The Bethune-Cookman Wildcats basketball team represents Bethune-Cookman University in the sport of basketball. The Wildcats competes in the NCAA Division I and the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference. They play their home games in Moore Gymnasium on Bethune-Cookman University campus in Daytona Beach, Florida and are currently led by head coach Gravelle Craig.

  South Florida Bulls and Bethune Cookman Wildcats played against each other on Dec. 12. The game was so intense considering the points were close the entire game, that it spilled to overtime. Jahmal McMurray scored 20 points, including a pair of free throws that put the game out of reach with five seconds left, and South Florida slipped past Bethune-Cookman for a 79-73 overtime win. South Florida went to the free throw line against Bethune-Cookman on Monday, boosting South Florida to a 3-7 record. They walk away with a victory and beat the betting odds that said South Florida would lose based on their last 4 games. The South Florida Bulls bring a 4-3 record to this tilt against the 3-7 Wildcats, who are 0-1 ATS ( against the spread). Those over/under (a wager that will predict the statistics in a game) betting have witnessed South Florida go 2-4 so far and the Bethune-Cookman Wildcats go 1-0. It’s a betting matchup between the No. 319-rated South Florida Bulls and the No. 253-ranked Bethune-Cookman Wildcats, according to the latest pro hoops power rankings here at Odds Shark.

Gravelle Craig led BethuneCookman Wildcats vs. Orlando Antigua led USF Bulls at the USF Sundome.


Atlantic Community High School Mannequin Challenge

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Video of students of Atlantic Community High School. Courtesy of Chelsey Fleurant.

Andrea Rodriguez demonstrates dedication and professionalism

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Andrea Rodriguez in the library.  Photo courtesy of Rebecca Radic
Andrea Rodriguez in the library. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Radic

Andrea Rodriguez teaches Algebra 2, Honors, and Math Studies at Atlantic Community High School. Her inspiration for teaching comes from her passion for helping, learning, and understanding. She is proficient at math and decided to help others with math, which is very important because not only is great at what she does, she loves her job.  She has a club called National Honor Society. She is dedicated to helping her students, teachers, and the members of National Honor Society.

  When asked what she thinks influences her students she responded, “Some things we do in class help them with organization skills, time management, and communication skills.” Her involvement with her students is very inspiring as she is very well known and talked about around campus. She is very appreciated by her colleagues.

 Cynthia Jensen, who nominated Rodriguez  for Teacher of the Month, had only good things to say about her. She said, “Throughout my teaching career, I have seen many new teachers enter the education field. I have never seen anyone as passionate, caring, and professional as she is. She is the type of teacher that the educational field needs.” She also stated, I watched her grow over the past year and she is a fantastic teacher. She genuinely cares about her students and making sure she teaches valuable lessons.

  Rodriguez likes to motivate her students with quotes; her favorite quote is, “Don’t put off what you can do today, for tomorrow.” Rodriguez continues to succeed within her classroom and plans to be a role model for not only her current students but for all her students to come.

Shut In shuts down the box office

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   “Shut In” follows the life of a child psychologist, Mary Portman (played by Naomi Watts), who isolates herself in New England because her husband died in a car crash. Her late husband left behind his son, who is paralyzed from the neck down due to the crash. Strange things start to occur in the house, but her other psychologist friends convince her that she is experiencing parasomnia, from her husband’s death. While juggling her stepson, which wasn’t too much of a surprise because they had developed a close connection, she finds her patient named Tom at the doorstep. Before she could respond to the boy, he runs off. The search for Tom turns into a worldwide hunt to find him, Mary feels a rush of guilt as she feels as if the boys disappearance was her fault. After the disappearance of Tom, Mary starts to hear strange noises around the house, and repeatedly claims of seeing Tom. These events fall right into place as a snow blizzard approaches, and she has no way of fending for herself or her son.

  Overall, this movie has a very intriguing storyline, but it feels as if the movie is stretched out. The long story before the reveal was drawn out and unnecessary. It took so long to get the plot together and understand what was going on that by the the time the climax was reached, it didn’t have an awe affect. Considering the movie’s genre is described as thriller or horror, it didn’t really qualify as that since it had more a mystery feel to it.

   The movie was incredibly vague when it came to details, as there was a lot of skipping around and emptiness of scenes. There was an over dramatization of the young boy, as he didn’t have a threatening tone about him; he looked like the same innocent boy as always. Since there was a lack of details, there was confusion about if the little boy was a ghost the whole time. In conclusion, the movie was decent and is recommended for anyone who likes mysterious movies.

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