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Delray Students First: helping students excel

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  Delray Students First is a privately sponsored tutoring program. This program is helping students get tips to ace their ACT and SAT. The chairman of this program is Mark Sauer. He has a whole team of volunteers behind him to make sure students excel. Tammy Mose-Cooper, Gary Alexandre, Retha Prescod, and Debra Weier are teachers that specialize in different subjects to teach students significant skills to ace their ACT and SAT.

Pictured above left to right, top to bottom is Tammy Mose-Cooper, Gary Alexandre, Retha Prescod, and Debra Weier.
Pictured above left to right, top to bottom is Tammy Mose-Cooper, Gary Alexandre, Retha Prescod, and Debra Weier.

   Last year, students were hand-picked based on their determination to join this prestigious group. This program was in full effect this past summer. They met for tutoring over the summer, but they mostly got acquainted.

  This program takes you to college tours. For example, students partook in the Florida Gulf Coast University tour and at the end of this month they will be enjoying University of Central Florida and the University of South Florida. Every Tuesday and Thursday the club meet for ACT or SAT tutoring. A junior, Brianna Flerestil says, “This program made me a better test taker.”

  This program will be ongoing. Next year, there will be newcomers in the program.they will be selected by teachers that see potential in students and based off their determination to succeed. They will be incoming juniors, while the newly seniors will still gain educational help to prepare them college. The focus will be on college essays and college applications for the seniors and the juniors will be focusing on ACT and SAT Prep.

  This program is all about helping students succeed and reach their highest potential. If any sophomore have any questions or concerns about joining, it may be best they talk to Mose-Cooper.


Flash flooding threatens the Carolinas and Mid-Atlantic

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   Heavy rain can possibly be deadly. Heavy rainfall has been reported in the Carolinas and Mid-Atlantic part of the United States, according to CNN. Flash floods are the most dangerous kind of floods, because they combine the destructive power of a flood with incredible speed and unpredictability. Flash floods occur when excessive water fills normally dry creeks or river beds along with currently flowing creeks and rivers, causing rapid rises of water in a short amount of time. They can happen with little or no warning.


The weather forecast this past weekend. Photo Courtsey: The weather forecast this past weekend displaying flood threats.
Photo Courtsey:



   Storms having been traveling across the United States producing heavy rainfall. The excessive rain have been leading to flood advisories. This past weekend, Tennessee (TN) roads were left flooded due to the storms sweeping the area. The storm is slowly moving northeast causing more damage. In Charleston, SC to Fayetteville, NC 6 to 10 inches of rain was expected Tuesday morning, Michael Guy said. Isolated areas may see more rainfall.

   TN and Virginia (VA) are no longer in a drought due to the rainfall. According to CNN, roads were flooded around schools. Schools in many districts were closed Monday. Tim Parrott, director of Anderson County Schools, said it’s uncommon for them to cancel classes due to flooding. “Any time you do it, it’s a gamble but anytime you do, we want to gamble on the students being safe,” Parrot told CNN affiliate WATE-TV.

   Lately, the weather have been dull for the United States hopefully it changes direction soon.





Using Facebook to show rage

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  Social media is overpowering the world. Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are the most used apps. Steven Stephens used Facebook live to showcase his anger after a breakup. Stephens shoot and killed a 74 year old man, Robert Goodwin.

According to CNN, Stephens shot Goodwin, an innocent man walking from an Easter meal with his children on Sunday. Stephens was upset that his girlfriend, Joy Lane ended their relationship. The police have been looking for Stephens since he killed Goodwin. CNN continues by informing that the search finally ended in Erie, Pennsylvania (PA) when McDonald’s employees recognized Stephens in the drive through. They made him wait for his food until authorizes arrived. Unfortunately, he pulled off without the rest of his order and his change. He led Erie police on a short pursuit until he shot himself in the head while his car spinned out of control.


Steve Stephens, who took the world by storm when shot Robert Goodwin on Facebook live. Photot Courtsey:
Steve Stephens, who took the world by storm when shot Robert Goodwin on Facebook live.
Photo Courtesy:


  Stephens last spoke with Lane Saturday. He informed her that he was quitting his job and moving out of state. He also visited his mom, Maggie Green. “He said this (was) the last time i was going to see him,” Green said. When he spoke to her briefly the next day and he informed her he was “shooting people” because “he was mad with his girlfriend,” his mother said, referring to Lane.

  Stephens had ties to PA. He was a regular at Erie’s Presque Isle Downs Casino, which is why that was his next destination. Lane claims, “Steve really is a nice guy. He is generous with everyone he knows. He was kind and loving to me and my children,” she told CBS News.

  Sometimes the nicest people may have a serious breakdown. Life is full of obstacles and unfortunately, Stephens could not overcome his breakup.


Being a correctional officer

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  There are many jobs in law enforcement. Not every job is to be in the line of duty. Correctional officers are prison guards that keep a close eye on inmates. It may seem easy, but it’s not. Correctional officers were injured at two U.S. prison this past weekend. In Tennessee (TN), three officers were assaulted on Sunday.

  During the attack, one officer was taken hostage. The violent incident occurred around 4 p.m. in a housing unit involving 16 inmates at the Turney Center Industrial Complex in Only, TN. The incident lasted about three hours. The officers were airlifted to the hospital. Two officers were listed in stable condition Monday, while the other officer was released overnight.

  “Our thoughts and prayers are with these officers,” state corrections Commissioner Tony Parker said in a news release. The prison was on lockdown Sunday night while authorities investigated the incident. The inmates involved in the incident are being sent to a maximum security prison.

  Meanwhile, in Nebraska three officers were recovering from being assaulted by inmates at a facility in Lincoln. The state Department of Correctional Services said three prison officers were assaulted by inmates at the Diagnostic and Evaluation Center in Lincoln Friday night. This incident lasted about two hours. Thankfully, two officers were treated for non-serious injuries and the third officer did not receive treatment. A fire also started during the disturbance. This incident is currently under investigation.


This is the prison facility in Lincoln, NE where the attacks took place. Photo Courtsey:
This is the prison facility in Lincoln, NE where the attacks took place.
Photo Courtsey:


  Being in the law enforcement is a big step and not everyone is prepared for that. Sometimes it’s risking your life, but make sure you love what you do in the end. If a prison guard suits you best, go for it. Just remember you will be surrounded with inmates.

Getting accepted into all eight Ivy League schools

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Many students dream of going to an Ivy League university, but for Ifemo White-Thorpe it’s a reality. White-Thorpe, a senior at Morris Hill High school in New Jersey (NJ), has the dream of a lifetime. She got accepted into all eight Ivy League schools: Harvard, Yale, Columbia, the University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Cornell, Princeton, and Brown.

  White-Thorpe was astonished when she got the eighth acceptance letter; she was shaking full of surprise. “I was like oh my gosh oh my gosh this is maybe like the eight out of eight and I clicked it and it said ‘Congratulations’ and I was like oh my goodness!” White-Thorpe told CNN affiliate WABC-TV.

Ifeoma White-Thorpe is a senior at Morris Hill. She got accepted into all eight Ivy League schools. Photo Courtesy:
Ifeoma White-Thorpe is a senior at Morris Hill. She got accepted into all eight Ivy League schools.
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  White-Thorpe wants to study biology and pursue a career in global health. She chose to apply to all eight Ivy League schools because they “have great research facilities.” She has to make a hard decision before this fall.

  Although, this is a great achievement, other teens like Kwasi Enin in 2014, Harold Ekeh in 2015, Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna in 2016 and Kelly Hyles last year have also got accepted into all eight Ivy League schools.

  White-Thorpe is a lucky teen because she has a once-in-a-lifetime decision to attend one of the greatest universities in the United States. Her parents are ultimately leaving the choice up to her, but White-Thorpe is still undecided on which school would suit her best.

Girl plans Columbine-style attack

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         This country has suffered from multiple mass shootings. The Orlando nightclub, Sandy Hook and the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting have sparked an interest in the American people about gun violence. Nichole Cevario, an 18 year old from Maryland, planned a Columbine-style attack on her high school. The Columbine attack was a massive shooting that happened April 20, 1999, at Columbine High School.  

   Cevario kept the plan in detail in her diary. If her father wouldn’t have given a tip to authorities, the attack probably would still be motion.

        Cevario planned for the attack to take place on April 5. She talked to resource officers at her school, Catoctin High, about safety procedures for shooting incidents. She was removed from her school last Thursday, and there were reportedly no others involved in the planning.

Shotgun with ammunition photo courtesy:
Shotgun with ammunition
Photo Courtesy:

       The police searched her home and found a shotgun rifle, ammunition, and explosive materials. Cevario has not been arrested, but she does have a warrant for her arrest. She is currently facing charges for possession of explosive materials and incendiary material with an intent to create a destructive device. She could face up to 25 years in prison.

Explosive material found in Cevario home Photo Courtsey:
Explosive material found in Cevario home
Photo Courtesy:

       Fortunately, no explosive materials ever made it to school grounds. This investigation is ongoing. “Right now this investigation is very much focused on her diary and the detail in her diary that planned a mass shooting at her high school,” Sheriff Charles Jenkins said.

       Police say they do not believe she had the “will” to carry out this attack, but she planned to die on April 5, as seen in her diary. “The fact that a young woman could have this in her mind, this way of thinking and planning out and carrying out an attack much like Columbine or Sandy Hook,” Jenkins said. “It shocks the conscience to see that someone that age could be thinking like that.” We have to be more aware of people. Anyone may have the notion to harm others, so it’s in our best interest to be more cautious of others


Missing Tennessee student ran off with teacher

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     Teachers are vital to a student learning and development. Most teachers you can trust with issues that are blocking your learning process. A Tennessee (TN) student was reported missing with her teacher. Background checks are not rigorous enough to screen out potential threats to students.

     If the process of becoming a teacher is difficult, then many people would not pursue a career as a teacher. The amount of teachers in the world will decrease dramatically because the process to become a teacher will become harder. Tad Cummins, resume says he was respiratory therapist and a percussionist. Recently he is a high school health science teacher in TN. Cummins disappeared with Elizabeth Thomas, his student, March 13. Cummins put ideas into Thomas’s head.

     He convinced her he was a former CIA and FBI agent that was flushed with cash. No teacher shall put beliefs in a student’s head, especially when they are at the age where they believe everything they hear. Taylor is a 15 year old freshman. “He convinced her he had been a secret agent and … that he had access to all kinds of money,” Anthony Thomas, Elizabeth father, told HLN. A teacher should not swoon a student by telling them lies. Teachers are supposed to protect students when the students are in their care.

Officials released a picture of Cummins and Taylor in school January. Photo Courtesy:

     Elizabeth reportedly looked at Cummins as a counselor. She looked at him for guidance. Even though he was believed to be a guiding figure, he was found giving her a peck on the lips. Thomas and Cummins both deny the claims. He referred to her as “a good friend.” Cummins resigned from his position due to the. No one dared to pay it much attention, until Thomas was reported missing March 13. The next day, an AMBER ALERT was sent out.

     If district officials knew Cummins’ mental state, all of this probably would have been avoided. There is no way we will know if it will guarantee prevention of future situations like this because a person can change their mind daily. This is just a start to protecting students from teachers with a “comforting” appearance.

     Thomas is still missing and Cummins is still out there with her. They are believed to gotten married and they were last seen near Decatur, Alabama. The districts should implement stricter background checks. If districts were to be more cautious about the staff they hire, students may be protected.


15 year old Elizabeth Thomas is still missing
15 year old Elizabeth Thomas is still missing

Blizzards pound the northeast

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Spring break is meant for fun. People travel to different states that house many exotic beaches and tropical getaways. Recently, snowstorms have hit the northeast. The snowstorms brought at least two inches of snow. On Monday, the biggest storm pounded the northeast this winter.

  Tuesday, the New England area was graced with more than two inches of snow. The snowstorm canceled more than 5,900 flights. With flights being canceled, many residents in the northeast were unable to go to a tropical getaway for spring break.

  The storm knocked out power to over 100,000 residents from Virginia to Pennsylvania (PA). Many schools closed, and city officials issued warnings to stay off the roads. Unfortunately, there were some incidents that occurred; a 16-year-old girl was killed on a snowy road when she lost control of her car.

  “The winters seem to be upside down now. January and February are nice and then March and April seem to be more wintry than they were in the past,” Bob Clifford, Albany resident, said. In Rhode Island, a wind turbine was knocked down due to high winds. Two homes under construction collapsed, but thankfully no injuries were reported.

  Inland areas got hit extremely hard by the storm. Vernon, Washington  D.C. and New Jersey got at least 19 inches of snow. New York was graced with 2 feet or more, while PA and Massachusetts (MA) got one foot of snow.

  There were more than 3,300 flight cancellations in the New York area, putting a halt to passengers’ planes and leaving them stuck at the Kennedy Airport. The train company Amtrak canceled transportation in the area also. A newlywed couple, Laura and Matthew Balderstone of West Yorkshire, England, planned to enjoy a tropical honeymoon in Florida, but due to the blizzards and snowstorms, they were stuck at the Newark airport.

   The New England residents have experienced heavy snowfall. This winter weather has put a halt to many people’s spring break plans. They will just to have to wait for better days and sunny weather.


The current winter weather advisory for the northeast is pictured above.
The current winter weather advisory for the northeast is pictured above.




Bringing in new chairman: Marcellus Osceola Jr.

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  Astonishing, there is a new chairman of The Seminole Tribe of Indians, located in Hollywood, Florida. The new chairman is  Marcellus Osceola Jr., recently elected.  He lives on the Hollywood Seminole Indian Reservation. Osceola Jr. faces lawsuits and uncertainty of gambling. The former chairman, James Billie, was ousted on Sept. 28 due to “various issues with policies and procedures of the chairman’s office,” the Seminoles said.

  Billie served as chairman for 22 years until he was impeached. Surprisingly, he made a remarkable comeback and was elected chairman again in 2011. During the election, Osceola finished with 38 percent of the vote, while Billie finished with 35 percent of the vote. All in all, 843 votes were casted and Gray Bitner, tribe spokesman, stated, “I’ll just have to let the numbers speak for itself [sic]. It was obviously a close call.”

  Concerns over the state of gambling will have to await from the federal judge. The federal judge will decide if Seminoles can continue to offer blackjack at its casinos. The state says that the Seminoles’ permit to offer blackjack at its casinos has expired, and it must be discussed and agreed upon. The tribe argues that the state has allowed pari-mutuel casinos to operate “designated player games” that violate exclusivity

   Now, the state and tribe have sued each other, and it’s up to the judge to decide. Currently, the trial is over, but Federal District Judge Robert Hinkle have not made a decision yet. However, the state made a new gambling agreement that will allow the tribe to have craps and roulette at Seminole casinos while pari-mutuels may have blackjack. The deal fell through when the state Legislature could not pass it.

This is Marcellus Osceola Jr., new chairman of the Seminole Indian tribe. Photo courtesy of
This is Marcellus Osceola Jr., new chairman of the Seminole Indian tribe.
Photo courtesy of

Discovering the medical academy

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Staff photo.
Staff photo.

There are multiple academies on campus, but the medical academy is worth the time. The medical academy is an alternative to ROTC, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood, drafting, photography, and construction. The medical academy is held together by Kenneth Muhlerwirth, former paramedic/firefighter. He is currently a vocational/technical teacher. Muhlerwirth has been in the healthcare field since 2001. He has many certifications under his belt. This academy is made for someone who wants a path in healthcare.

The medical academy is not just wearing black uniforms, like everyone thinks. This academy helps prepare for the medical field, if that is your interest. There is Health Science 1, Health Science 2, Emergency Medical Responder 3 (EMR3), and Electrocardiogram (EKG) Aide. Your first year in this academy is learning anatomy and physiology. During your second year, you refresh your memory from the first year, but you also learn CPR, (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). If you pass the CPR assessment, you obtain a CPR card stating that you are certified, which is good for having beyond school. Your third year is when it’s time to buckle down and work. You must prep for your EMR certification. It is a 100 question test that must be completed in two hours. Although that is kind of nerve-wracking, there are more certifications to obtain. EKG is a long learning process. It is hard and you must be dedicated to work.

To be in this academy, you must have a 3.0 grade point average and must undergo an interview process. If you are selected for this academy, you must purchase a uniform for $25 worn the first two years. Before you enter your third year, you must submit to a drug test and purchase a uniform for $50 worn the last two years.

This is an academy to think about entering. Obtaining several certifications looks excellent on a college application and it might even provide a job right out of high school, due to your dedication to the healthcare field. The medical academy is great, but you must be dedicated to working hard with a well-experienced teacher. To join a medical academy that just got in shape three years ago, but competes with best medical academies in the county is well worth it.

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