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Ever thought about what life was like to be a principal?  Well, our principal, Tara O’campo, went through a significant amount of obstacles to get where she is now. She grew up in Pennsylvania with her mother, father, and two sisters. Both of her parents were very successful and her sisters as well. “I’m fortunate to have grown up in a very supportive environment,” said O’Campo.

  O’Campo always wanted to be a teacher. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in elementary education and began teaching first grade in Palm Beach County. Then, she earned her Master’s Degree while simultaneously teaching at the middle school level.

  After teaching, she became an Assistant Principal for several years until she became the Principal at Everglades Elementary School. O’Campo has worked at all three levels in an administrative capacity. She finally was transferred to Atlantic High, home of the Eagles, in Delray Beach in 2015. “ The most exciting thing is working in and around the Delray Beach community,” she said.

  O’Campo has many rewarding moments in being the principal of a high school. She loves to hear the sound of her students’ names being called at graduation and watching them walk across the stage.

  Our principal also has many challenging moments on her shoulders. The most challenging for her at the end of the day is knowing not everyone will be completely happy with her decisions all the time, but as long as she knows it is in the best interest of her students, she can sleep well at night.

  Although she has a lot of duties she attends to, in her free time she likes to spend time with her family in Pennsylvania. She believes balance in life is important and she likes to share that with other people. She is a role model to many students and will continue helping her students to be successful just like her.      

Tara O'campo (left) smiling with Naya Fulton(right)
Tara O’campo (left) smiling with Naya Fulton(right)

My name is Naya Fulton. I am a junior and I currently attend Atlantic High School. I love to cheer, play softball, and participate in the junior rotc program. My favorite subject is marine science. I love animals that live underwater. I am the last of three children and the only girl. plans for college is to study marine biology then enter the military. I can sing and dance. I'm also good with speech. Lastly fashion is my passion.

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