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Nicholas Cooper proudly represents Atlantic High

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    With students from all over Palm Beach County, Atlantic Community High School is the home of many promising students who are active at school and in the community. The Squall hopes to feature a weekly highlight on a nominated senior who exemplifies all that it means to be an Atlantic Eagle and commend them on their four years of hard work.  

   This week’s featured senior is Nicholas Cooper. In addition to being a varsity football player, Cooper has been a Safe Schools Ambassador since middle school. Safe School Ambassadors work within the school to help prevent and minimize bullying and school tragedies. With the Safe Schools Programme, which is implemented all over the nation, Cooper has been trained to help kids being bullied. “He can be super friendly, and always social,” Shamima Akter, senior, said about Cooper. With a friendly disposition, Cooper serves as a friend to all who need it.

   For fun, Cooper enjoys hanging out with friends, watching football and doing community service. He focuses on the importance of working within the community and being involved with his peers. With over 1000 hours of community service, finds joy in serving other people.  His favorite part of the last four years at Atlantic were the pep rallies, especially when all the grades competed for the title of the best class as it illustrates the unity of the school.

   “Time management, need to have it,” said Cooper when asked how he balances school, football, and his responsibilities with the criminal justice program. He stresses the importance of being prepared for anything.

   “He was extremely responsible. Before he went on field trip, he would always come to me before hand to ask for assignments and stay up to date on his work” said Elise Harding, English teacher. While he is unsure about where he hopes to attend college, he looks forward to pursuing a career in criminal justice or even education.“Always be involved in something you enjoy, and always think about the future” said Cooper.  He plans on applying to Florida Atlantic University, Florida State University as well as some schools in New York.

   Nicholas Cooper serves as an inspiration to other Atlantic students by being active in all parts of the community.  From students to teachers, the Atlantic population praises Nicholas Cooper.

Battle of the Books

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   Atlantic Community High School has finally started Battle of the Books! Many might be wondering what it is about: Battle of the Books is a reading competition that combines reading and trivia.
  The book selection for the competition comes from 2016-2017’s “Florida Teens Read” list. To participate, one is required to read three of the books on the list. When done, students pair with between three and five people and battle in an online competition.

  Towards the end of November, the teams are made. In December, students begin to practice in teams, and finally, in January, it is battle time! The top two teams compete in the “Grand Battle” at the Education Network, which is located in Boynton Beach, FL.

  Last year Battle of the Books was very successful; A team of Atlantic freshmen came in third place in the entire district. Rebecca Radic, team sponsor, said, “I was so proud of our team last year, it was a huge accomplishment. They are looking for some fresh competition this year, so I invite all to join!”

L-R: Amie Lynn Rushlow, Brandan Gabay, Hubertina Vinod, and Gabriel Turmail made up the 3rd place team, the Avalonian Liars. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Radic, Librarian.
L-R: Amie Lynn Rushlow, Brandan Gabay, Hubertina Vinod, and Gabriel Turmail made up the 3rd place team, the Avalonian Liars.
Photo courtesy of Rebecca Radic, Libarian.

Ceramics Class Makes Russian Nesting Dolls

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   Ceramics teacher in Atlantic Community High School, Ms.Konash, is working on a new project called Nesting Dolls. Also known as Russian Nesting Dolls, they are a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another. These dolls are often designed to follow a specific theme; for example, Mickey Mouse.

   Ms.Konash did this project with a little twist. Instead of wood, the students are using clay.

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

   To make these nesting dolls, there are specific tools that need to be used. For example, the wire tool, which is used to cut the clay off the mound. Another example is the modeling tool, this is used to blend and decorate on the clay. There is a technique called the “Pinch Pottery”. It is the oldest form of pottery and the only tool is hands.

   Each student chose their own different theme. They first began with the smallest piece which is the peg. As they finished each piece, they move onto bigger ones. Details were also a huge part of this project.

   This project was definitely made with time, effort, and neatness.

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