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Will it ever be safe for Dapchi girls to go back to school?
By: Ciara Hunter
March 27th 2018

Aisha Kachalla was just one of the many girls to be released by the “Boko Haram” terrorist group. During the time of her capture Aisha and the other girls were given one command upon their release:“They were not to continue their school studies”. Hearing this made Aisha fearful over even continuing her studies at the Government Girls Science Technical College. “ I like school and I will not stop reading but I do not want to go back to that school.
Just like Aisha’s parents many others are afraid of sending their girls to school, but they certainly do not want to keep them home either. In the article by Aminu Abubakar the total number of girls that were abducted by the Boko Haram Terrorist group “totaled a number of 276 since the time of April 14 2014.”With this being present it is extremely important that Dapchi girls have intense security on their school campuses to stop them from possibly being kidnapped.

Many people question why would these innocent girls be subjected to a wrongful kidnapping? What could they have done? In an article written by BBC News states that “ The girls return was part of ongoing talks about amnesty and ceasefire: If the Boko Haram returned and lay down their arms and renounce their membership of insurgery, then we will give them free passage to return to our society”. Ultimately this is only a theory and can only be fully completed if the Boko Haram complies with this policy by surrendering. Many people also believe that the girls were being “prison swapped”.
The kidnapping in Lagos, Nigeria has gotten so bad to the point where one father had to take precautions by sending his only daughter way just so that she wouldn’t be kidnapped.
“ The painful thing is you don’t see to have a right over your daughter” Said one of the girls who were forced on a plane to avoid the chance of being kidnapped. It is extremely unfortunate that the parents that have daughters have to endure this pain. These girls should not be kidnapped and held for ransom without a logical reason. Being within the hands of the Boko Haram the girls were forced to break their fasting, which caused the death of 2 girls who refused to eat. In the article produced by CNN News stated that “One girl is still in captivity because she is christian”. This fact makes it apparent that the Boko Haram go after individuals who are not islamic and try to force them into denouncing their current religion for an islamic religion.

Hurricane Irma Aftermath

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       The morning before Hurricane Irma hit Florida, Marisol and her family were preparing for the devastation that the hurricane might cause. That day, they received a frightening call from their landlord, saying their house was “unsafe” because it was made from a wooden frame.

      Marisol Amaya, a freshmen here at Atlantic, was one of many who had to evacuate Florida. Florida roads were jammed with families trying to leave so that they would remain safe. People had to leave their houses on a quick notice, not having any idea about the amount of damage that would come to their home. There was a feeling of fear and anxiety on the streets after curfew, many people frightened about what was to come. Irma not only had a physical impact on Florida, but it also took an emotional toll on families.

      “I was feeling scared and nervous, upset that we could lose a lot of the things we loved and cherished if our house got damaged,” said Marisol Amaya. In addition, a girl who wished to remain anonymous had to drive a family of 7 up to North Carolina on a day’s notice. The hurricane added a lot of stress and difficulty to many family’s lives.

      After the hurricane had passed, families stepped outside to see the amount of damage that was done. A majority of the fences in the neighborhood had fallen, several trees were laying in the roads, and debris was spread across the road. Power lines were down, and the whole neighborhood was without power. People were expecting a Category 4 hurricane to hit the area, but thankfully it shifted to the west. The damage was not as bad as it was in the Florida Keys, where buildings were almost completely destroyed.

      In an interview with Alena Morales, a freshmen at Atlantic, she said, “My family only lost power for about three hours, which was nothing compared to other people who lost it for ten days. I was a little bit nervous right before it made landfall in Florida, but as it was hitting us I wasn’t that worried. When I thought of Irma before it hit us, my mind went straight to the damage Hurricane Harvey did.”

      According to the students here at Atlantic, several people did not get their power back until the Sunday before school started. According to the Washington Post, over 16 million people lost their power. In addition, over 7 million people were ordered to evacuate. The Palm Beach Post recorded that the hurricane caused 61 deaths in total, and that over $273 million will be spent “on preparations and recovery efforts by several state agencies.” According to the Sun Sentinel, some of the problems the hurricane caused include damage to buildings, power outages, flooding, and a struggle to find affordable housing.

      People in places that got completely destroyed by Hurricane Irma need our help and support. There are several volunteer groups listed by the Sun Sentinel that you could join to help with the hurricane relief, including the American Red Cross, United Way of Broward County, Feeding South Florida, and Volunteer Florida. Alena Morales plans on volunteering with the American Red Cross, and “hopes the Keys can make a good recovery and get back on their feet.”

American Airlines crew member gets violent with passanger

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Within the last few weeks, one of the most widely covered stories in mainstream news has been the story about the airline scandal concerning the plane removal scandal between United Airlines and David Dao. In more recent news, a similar but much less extreme scandal surfaced, this time however involving a mother and her children going up against the employees of an American Airlines aircraft.

  In this situation, while boarding, a mother with her twin babies in the stroller was asked to remove the stroller from the aircraft, due to an American Airlines policy of no strollers being allowed in the cabin area. The mother protested and this was when the crew member proceeded to forcefully grab the stroller from her, allegedly hitting her and just missing the children.

  This outraged the mother and some of the surrounding passengers. In an attempt to speak up for the mother of two, passenger Olivia Morgan yelled at the crew member, to which he responded by yelling back and telling her to “stay out of it.” A man then stood up initiating a verbal confrontation between him and the crew member.

  The mother and her children were ultimately removed and put onto a different flight and upgraded to first class.

  The airline’s quick and efficient response to the situation comes with great contrast to the previously covered situation with Dr. David Dao. The crew member was immediately suspended for inappropriate behavior and unwarranted violence.

  The mother has since gotten a lawyer, which ironically enough, is the same lawyer covering Dr. Dao and his situation with United Airlines.

An American Airlines crew member gets violent in an altercation with passenger and her two children. Photo courtesy of
An American Airlines crew member gets violent in an altercation with passenger and her two children. Photo courtesy of

Florida Senator Frank Artiles resigning

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  On Friday, April 21st, 2017, Florida Senator Frank Artiles announced he is resigning after receiving pressure following the use of a racial slur during drinks with 2 other lawmakers.

  Frank Artiles said in his resignation letter that,  “It is clear to me my recent actions and words that I spoke fell far short of what I expect for myself, and for this, I am very sorry. I am responsible, and I am accountable, and effective immediately, I am resigning from the Florida State Senate.” The next day on Tuesday after the tirade  he said that he let his “temper get the best of [him].”

 CNN later interviewed the Senate President and asked what he had to say about the incident. He had this to say“Racial slurs and profane, sexist insults have no place in conversation between Senators and will not be tolerated while I am serving as Senate President.” According to CNN, Artiles also apologized to Sen. Audrey Gibson for calling her a rude word during the tirade as well. He said during his prepared apology speech in front of the senate, “I extend a heartfelt apology to my colleagues and to all those I have offended.” Even though Frank Artiles apologized, that does not make what he said okay with the people he hurt and offended. He needs to prove he is sorry.

Florida Senator Frank Artiles announcing his retirement Source:
Florida Senator Frank Artiles announcing his retirement

Missing woman held captive under a shed

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Dennis Dunn's Shed he held Jennifer Elliot in. photo curtosy

Dennis Dunn’s Shed he held Jennifer Elliot in. Photo courtesy of

Something horrible has happened in Blanchester, Ohio. On Wednesday, April 26, 2017, Jennifer Elliott, 30, was kidnapped and held captive under her neighbor’s shed. The police were called about hearing crying noises. When the cops arrived Elliot was pulled from a dirt pit under the shed around 4 a.m. Elliott was covered with a lot of heavy objects. Police stated that Elliott was not responding when she was found.

     When found, Elliott did not show signs of physical trauma but she did appear to have suffered from a seizure. According to Elliott’s mother, Gayle Rowe, Elliot had gone missing around 1:30 a.m. She went missing for a couple of hours until she was found. Because of Elliott’s crying, her mother heard her and called the cops immediately.

      The neighbor who kidnapped Elliott was named Dennis Dunn, the 45 year old home’s lone resident. Dunn was placed in a mental facility for inpatient mental health treatment before, but was released after staying for a few days. They apprehended Dunn at 8:00 a.m and he was calm at the moment. Dunn is still in custody and appealed in  court early this morning. Dunn’s father came forward and apologized for his son’s actions and any harm done.

      Mental people should not be in a neighborhood full of unprotected citizens. They should be placed where they can receive the help that they deserve.  

Flash flooding threatens the Carolinas and Mid-Atlantic

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   Heavy rain can possibly be deadly. Heavy rainfall has been reported in the Carolinas and Mid-Atlantic part of the United States, according to CNN. Flash floods are the most dangerous kind of floods, because they combine the destructive power of a flood with incredible speed and unpredictability. Flash floods occur when excessive water fills normally dry creeks or river beds along with currently flowing creeks and rivers, causing rapid rises of water in a short amount of time. They can happen with little or no warning.


The weather forecast this past weekend. Photo Courtsey:
The weather forecast this past weekend displaying flood threats.
Photo Courtsey:



   Storms having been traveling across the United States producing heavy rainfall. The excessive rain have been leading to flood advisories. This past weekend, Tennessee (TN) roads were left flooded due to the storms sweeping the area. The storm is slowly moving northeast causing more damage. In Charleston, SC to Fayetteville, NC 6 to 10 inches of rain was expected Tuesday morning, Michael Guy said. Isolated areas may see more rainfall.

   TN and Virginia (VA) are no longer in a drought due to the rainfall. According to CNN, roads were flooded around schools. Schools in many districts were closed Monday. Tim Parrott, director of Anderson County Schools, said it’s uncommon for them to cancel classes due to flooding. “Any time you do it, it’s a gamble but anytime you do, we want to gamble on the students being safe,” Parrot told CNN affiliate WATE-TV.

   Lately, the weather have been dull for the United States hopefully it changes direction soon.





Using Facebook to show rage

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  Social media is overpowering the world. Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are the most used apps. Steven Stephens used Facebook live to showcase his anger after a breakup. Stephens shoot and killed a 74 year old man, Robert Goodwin.

According to CNN, Stephens shot Goodwin, an innocent man walking from an Easter meal with his children on Sunday. Stephens was upset that his girlfriend, Joy Lane ended their relationship. The police have been looking for Stephens since he killed Goodwin. CNN continues by informing that the search finally ended in Erie, Pennsylvania (PA) when McDonald’s employees recognized Stephens in the drive through. They made him wait for his food until authorizes arrived. Unfortunately, he pulled off without the rest of his order and his change. He led Erie police on a short pursuit until he shot himself in the head while his car spinned out of control.


Steve Stephens, who took the world by storm when shot Robert Goodwin on Facebook live. Photot Courtsey:
Steve Stephens, who took the world by storm when shot Robert Goodwin on Facebook live.
Photo Courtesy:


  Stephens last spoke with Lane Saturday. He informed her that he was quitting his job and moving out of state. He also visited his mom, Maggie Green. “He said this (was) the last time i was going to see him,” Green said. When he spoke to her briefly the next day and he informed her he was “shooting people” because “he was mad with his girlfriend,” his mother said, referring to Lane.

  Stephens had ties to PA. He was a regular at Erie’s Presque Isle Downs Casino, which is why that was his next destination. Lane claims, “Steve really is a nice guy. He is generous with everyone he knows. He was kind and loving to me and my children,” she told CBS News.

  Sometimes the nicest people may have a serious breakdown. Life is full of obstacles and unfortunately, Stephens could not overcome his breakup.


100 die in Syrian weapon strike

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Earlier this week, an estimated 100 people had died as a result of the Syrian regime, headed by Bashar-al Assad, using chemical weapons on the Syrian people. This caused international outrage and many heads of state came out against the Syrian regime and its supporters, Russia and Iran.

  The use of chemical weapons has been banned since 1993 at the Chemical Weapons Convention, and rules have been established that prohibit the use of chemical weapons. Many times, it is even to difficult to know that the victims are being attacked with chemical weapons until you are already feeling the effects.

  Although many governments have come out against chemical weapons, no one took action, until 8:40 p.m. on April 6th. The United States President Donald Trump ordered for the launch of airstrikes against a Syrian airbase.

   The airstrike was a warning for the Assad Regime and for the suppliers of the chemical weapons, Iran and Russia. Not many things were damaged in the strikes and no one died; because of this it can be said that these strikes were not to harm anyone or to cause damage. The purpose of the strikes were to let Assad know that he had crossed a line, and that the U.S. was not going to stand by and watch.

   The strikes received international support from many different nations with only Russia, Iran and China condemning the airstrike.

This is a picture of the dictator of Syria Bashar al Asad Photo courtesy of
This is a picture of the dictator of Syria Bashar al Asad Photo courtesy of

Being a correctional officer

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  There are many jobs in law enforcement. Not every job is to be in the line of duty. Correctional officers are prison guards that keep a close eye on inmates. It may seem easy, but it’s not. Correctional officers were injured at two U.S. prison this past weekend. In Tennessee (TN), three officers were assaulted on Sunday.

  During the attack, one officer was taken hostage. The violent incident occurred around 4 p.m. in a housing unit involving 16 inmates at the Turney Center Industrial Complex in Only, TN. The incident lasted about three hours. The officers were airlifted to the hospital. Two officers were listed in stable condition Monday, while the other officer was released overnight.

  “Our thoughts and prayers are with these officers,” state corrections Commissioner Tony Parker said in a news release. The prison was on lockdown Sunday night while authorities investigated the incident. The inmates involved in the incident are being sent to a maximum security prison.

  Meanwhile, in Nebraska three officers were recovering from being assaulted by inmates at a facility in Lincoln. The state Department of Correctional Services said three prison officers were assaulted by inmates at the Diagnostic and Evaluation Center in Lincoln Friday night. This incident lasted about two hours. Thankfully, two officers were treated for non-serious injuries and the third officer did not receive treatment. A fire also started during the disturbance. This incident is currently under investigation.


This is the prison facility in Lincoln, NE where the attacks took place. Photo Courtsey:
This is the prison facility in Lincoln, NE where the attacks took place.
Photo Courtsey:


  Being in the law enforcement is a big step and not everyone is prepared for that. Sometimes it’s risking your life, but make sure you love what you do in the end. If a prison guard suits you best, go for it. Just remember you will be surrounded with inmates.

Fatal Shooting in Boynton Beach, one man killed

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Where the shooting took place. photo courtesy of
Where the shooting took place.
photo courtesy of

Around 6:30 p.m. on Monday April 10, a man named Philorius Joseph, 32, shot and killed Evan Herring, 28. The two men were fighting at at Clipper Cove apartment complex. Joseph says he shot Herring in self-defense.

After shooting Herring, Joseph stayed at the crime scene waiting for the police to arrive. After police arrived, Joseph told the cops that Herring tried to confront him and their baby’s mother about a situation. After approaching them Evan punched him in the face.

“Philorius has a license to have a weapon,” the police stated. Philorius has not been charged with the murder of Evan Herring, but the investigation is still ongoing.

Herring and Joseph have have a baby by the same woman.  Herring and Joseph had a history of altercations in the past over their this woman, Keisha. It’s always sad to see a loss in someone’s life. Herring was a brother, son, grandson, cousin, friend, and most of all, a father to two beautiful children. Herring’s mother arrived at the scene screaming for her child. He was not able to respond. Herring passed away and Joseph was released from custody that Monday night, according to the police. Crowds told the couple to run so Keisha did, but not Joseph.

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