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Do we even need art in our lives?

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Dateline: Delray Beach FL /March 29, 2018

“The art that we should be doing today in the 21st century is art that is not for the museum, it’s art for the street and people’s lives” -Tania Bruguera

I believe we can’t live without art because we are surrounded by it and it’s a big part of our lives.

Art is not a specific thing but it ranges on different levels on how people see the world around them. There’s the nature art, the imaginary art, and the art that’s within us.

There’s people out there who don’t really understand art or how to express the world with art and that’s sadden. You can’t see the world as blank sometimes because the world is not blank. If you’re truly confused on how to see art I will ask you to look at yourself because what people don’t know is we are art too.

Look up at the sky; don’t you see the beauty of it? Don’t be fooled however because there’s the ugly with art too.

You see some people use art as a way to express themselves and I feel like if someone took art away from them they wouldn’t know exactly how else to express themselves. I like fashion, makeup, and drawing etc. and without art I would be losing a part of something that I use to express myself. That’s why I feel like art is more important for it to be only for the museum aspect. Art should turn into something really meaningful that can change lives and inspire people because it can.

For the people who see art as a distraction, or forced, or not necessary like other subjects I will advise them to be open-minded. If you don’t understand other arts, be open-minded and think about the different ways people use art. Also be inspired because you might like a new idea of art that you didn’t like before.

Art is not specified it’s really not I could go on and on but there’s to much takes of art that it’ll be hard to.

Seeing all the art around us is the first thing to see. A human didn’t just create art because it was always there because of our God our creator who created us..

So if you’re still confused just look at yourself first.

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