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Back in my freshman year, I had my first boyfriend. Growing up, my parents told me to stay away from boys, when I’m ready I could have one but for now I needed to focus on school, and maybe when I’m in college I could have one. If you paid attention to what I said, my parents quoted ‘when I’m ready’. Well I thought I was. Nothing bad happened between us I had to move to Boynton Beach and we broke up along the way. He was just great, sometimes I asked myself if I was dreaming cause it was too good to be true.

Why do people get into relationships and break up the next week or month? The word “love” in our generation is meaningless. This goes for both teens and adults. Back in the days, love had a great definition to all. Most of the times when we say “I love you” to each other, it’s maybe just to get on their good side or just so they don’t lose their self esteem- if they came and said it to you. We just say it to make each other feel good and not to lose their self esteem. The only time we mean it is when we say it to our parents and other family members. The unlucky one’s that never had love from both parents in their childhood are the ones that be loving the most when they do find the one.

I’ve interviewed some students that are in a relationship, or were either in a relationship at Atlantic Community High School, and they said some surprising stuff that touched me deeply. My first question to them was their own definition of love. Most of them responded the same way saying that relationships today aren’t real like back in the old days. People get into relationships just for looks, followers, likes on social media, and for ‘goals’. The relationship isn’t even about them; it’s about what others think of them, if they’re made for each other, if they look cute together or not. ‘You may think that special someone is your soul mate/ the love of your life but he/she can just be temporary; you might lose feelings and breakup. It’s sad but at the same time it’s a beautiful experience which will help in the future’ -from Charles.

Relationships nowadays are just foolishness in my opinion. I think that love is a great feeling but these days, we are all getting into relationships just for fun or just to fit in with others. We don’t look for respect: loyalty, kindness, and faithfulness, we have no sort of communication, no trust in each other, we don’t even want to see each other succeed especially after a breakup, sadly all we want is the fame.

Would you like to make a change in today’s relationship?

Prisons cut visitation in order to maintain financial status

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   In New York, 13 prisons are being closed under Governor Andrew Cuomo’s watch. It has become evident that the budget for the 2017-18 year has become tight. In order to accommodate the decreasing budget and the increasing rate of prisoners, Cuomo called for the state to slash family visiting hours at all of the remaining 17 of New York’s maximum security prisons. This action would save the state budget a small sum of money but would work against inmates’ connection to their families.

   In the 90’s, visitations were offered seven days a week in New York prisons. Cutbacks occurred as prisons became overcrowded, enabling visits only on weekends and holidays. By cutting visits to only on weekends in 2011, the prison system saved $2.6 million per year out of an annual correction budget of about 3 billion a year.

    No one disputes how influential these visits are to the inmates and their families. Research shows that prisoners who get frequent visits from family members are more likely to do well when they are released. They are less prone to violence and committing another crime as well as being more functional in society.

   In the perspective of the inmate’s family, the 100,000+ children who have a parent behind bars in New York, visits are a crucial part of developing healthy, long-term relationships. The state should be working to make things easier on these families.

  Fortunately, the state has not yet taken Cuomo’s proposal into serious consideration. The small costs of keeping visiting hours in prisons makes an enormous difference in prisoner’s life.

The Change: Bon Jovi’s journey of change

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  “This House Is Not for Sale” is the thirteenth studio album by the band Bon Jovi. Island Records officially released it on Nov. 4, 2016. The album has a sound to it that shows the change in the way they make their music.  

  The leaving of Richie Sambora, the lead guitarist of the band, had a big effect on the music style. In fact, the remaining members say that “the doors are wide open for him if he wants to return to the band, but we think that’s impossible” according to wikipedia. After Sambora’s departure, the band had to use several different techniques, even changing the instruments that they used.

 “This House Is Not For Sale” is scaling to the top of the charts, currently residing at number 59. The lyrics in all of the songs on the album “hit you hard” says Jon Bon Jovi, causing one to think about life.

 One of the best songs to listen to on the album is “This House Is Not For Sale”, the song that the album was named after. Certainly, anyone who listens to this album will be lured away to a different world.  

Lauren Atchison Brings Relaxation to Photography!

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The following images were taken by Atlantic Community High School student Lauren Atchison. These images were taken as practice for her photography class. Who would’ve thought these pictures weren’t  professional? They took place at Delray Beach, Florida for a project given by her teacher, Ms. De Feliz. Their task was to take pictures of their choice of topic. Lauren Atchison chose to take pictures of her friends surfing at the beach, and they came out amazing!

Don’t Breathe exceeds movie expectations

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   Three Detroit thieves, Rocky, Alex, and Money find it fun to break into the homes of the wealthy. Money finds out about a blind veteran that won a huge settlement following the death of his only child. Assuming he is an easy target, the thieves go after him in his secluded home, finding themselves trapped inside, left to fight for their lives against their seemingly helpless victim.

   Don’t Breathe, a movie released on August 26, 2016, was a phenomenal film filled with suspense and plot twists, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. Considering that some say horror movies contain very predictable plots, this film is very different from others since it is unpredictable and has multiple genres such as crime, drama, thriller, and horror.

   In the movie, a lot of global topics were underlined and drew people’s attention when watching it: gun control, abduction, trespassing, and murder. Realizing who was in the wrong and who was in the right is also a big deal when seeing this movie.  The film’s many plot twists certainly give a person that big “Oh!” moment. Don’t Breathe is worth seeing, and anybody who watches it will most likely enjoy themselves.

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