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students voice their opinions on the after effect of the election

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Protesters at the anti-racism rally in Martin Place.

Photo: Saffron Howden

Alisha Garnsey is a well-know student at Atlantic Community High School. She has seen many forms of hate while living in central Florida. She has seen confederate flags almost on every home she lived by during her time in central Florida. She is saddened by the ignorance and hate people have for each other. As most kind-hearted people would want, she wants to see people love and get along with each other instead of having people fighting and killing each other.

Ms. Garnsey’s time in central Florida was an eye opener for her, she saw how ignorant and hateful people can be. She’s seen how people were separated either by choice or by fear that something might happen to them or their families. Ms. Garnsey believes that there is separation by color in Atlantic high school, she states that “during the morning or lunch, you can see people separated by color”. Racism and segregation are still prevalent in our southern state and in our schools. It’s in a guise so that we don’t recognize it and it’s evil.


The law center has reported that “In just one year, 25 hate groups have became active and there has been 197% increase of anti-Muslim groups”, after the election.


Three students were asked about how they felt about this statistic. One student was surprised, beginning to laugh, he did not believe that this could be possible in our state. Racism is almost everywhere we can look. Even in a school great as ours, but we need to have an open mind to keep this hate out of our school. He stated “ I’ve personally hardly seen any racism around campus but it could be a possibility for it to be on campus”. Another student thought the statistic was disgusting because he couldn’t believe that people would be quick to hate.


One of the students has stated that he has seen a lot of hate against people of his ethnic group, by seeing some of his people being “killed, arrested, or suspected of being a criminal for no good reason”. He believes that eventually the racism will be extinguish in Florida and the United States, hopefully the whole world. He stated that “times are changing ”.


With every passing year racism gets weaker and we get closer to a true “united” U.S.

Students in the IB Program

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      One of the many devoted students in the IB program; Jessica Clermont, a student in IBDP is already in her third year in the IB Program. For most people who don’t know what the IB program is, it stands for “International Baccalaureate” a rigorous program that challenges students to exceed in school and outshine in their academics. It’s most definitely not a walk in the park trying to achieve such high expectations. Many students in the program are normally mentally strained and develop anxiety being a very common feeling.

     Most students graduate with average grades and the minimum requirements but some never really push themselves enough to become a scholar. But for some determined students, pushing themselves to their utmost potential is just one of their many attributes. What sort of student is this? This is an IB student.

    Why would anyone want to join the IB program knowing it’s a very difficult program throughout high school? What’s the benefit? For Jessica, it;s very clear, “ I joined the IB program because I believed it would provide me with greater opportunities as well as a tougher challenge, all to impress colleges.” It’s true, being in the program makes any student have an impressive transcript for colleges. Usually, they’re the first students colleges in fact look over. With Jessica being a junior already, being in her third year she must’ve learned so much about being in the program already. “ The program has taught me to try and properly manage my time, because if not you will stress, which will make succeeding in IB much more difficult.”

      When the same question was asked to other IB students, they all said time management is everything in IB and it’s also about disciplining yourself. With time being such an important factor in IB, it’s clear that having a social life must be difficult to fit in. Jessica definitely agreed with this, “I’m honestly not able to maintain a social life while being in the program. There’s too much work at times and you find yourself struggling struggling to manage which more often than not, results in student’s drowning in work as well as not talking to friends that much.”

      Something that’s not talked about in school enough is how students struggle with stress. For people in the IB program it’s on a different level and trying to handle it is pretty difficult. For Jessica she dealt with her stress by going to the gym.

      Overall the Ib Program can be difficult to go through, and it’s not for anyone who isn’t willing to sacrifice fun for work. “I would advise anyone planning to enter this program is to manage their time. It helps a lot in the long run.”

ib photo

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“Treat people the way you want to be treated” – Mr.Q

Breaking up fights, supervising the school, and making sure everyone is in class is Mr. Q. One of Atlantic’s greatest assistant principal also known as Q who makes sure everyone is safe.

   One of Mr. Q’s responsibilities is to make sure fights don’t break out and to teach everyone how to keep control of their anger issues. Q was asked what are some ways in which somebody can control their anger issues “staying quiet, walking away, and by thinking about the consequences it may bring and how it could be detrimental to your future” Mr. Q said. 

   Staying quiet is a good way to control your anger issues because it shows that you are aware of how bad it could affect you if you give attention to something so foolish. Some people may not know how to just stay quiet and they may say something back but that’s not all what Q has to say. “It needs to be reported to the student counselor and if not you should take anger management’’.

   Walk away from the situation.  No matter how much your friends tell you to say something back or to take action in the fight or argument , you walk away. Always walk away from a situation that is not benefiting you or your future. Always think before you act. How will fighting benefit you?  “always walk away as much as you can” -said Q

      You should always think about your future before you act. If you are in sports you don’t want to fight because your coach will not let you play in the upcoming game. Just in general you don’t want to get into fights because the minimum days you will get of suspension will be 10 days and that’s a lot of work you’ll be missing. “Think about the consequences it may bring and how it can be detrimental to your future’’ Q said. 


how hard exactly is taking an A.P course?

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 How hard exactly is AP classes?

      Every Night Chenry Danger was stuck doing her homework, which she couldn’t keep up with. She will have to stay up some nights to just complete her homework.Her stress level was getting pretty high but she can’t let a stress get in the way of her studying and catching up in her classes. When asked what’s the easiest homework received she said reading a page and taking notes.

  Cherny’s story is similar to many other AP students’ stories out there. For Honors students they’ve been hearing how hard AP classes are and instantly dismiss the idea of enrolling. A fear factor of failing the test and lowering their GPA’s is what triggers everyone.

    Claudia Joseph and Chenry Danger expectation about AP was that they thought AP was going to be this super hard class that they will be stuck reading a lot of pages and having a lot of work to do back to back, however, it turned out for them to be way less stressful and less overwhelming than their expectation have let them believe. When Claudia went there she did realize that she will be timed on her tests but she understands that they do that because of the real AP exam in May that will be timed as well. She also realized that her expectation may be right but she finds it a good thing because she has realized that AP has helped her with her writing for colleges.

    “My expectation of AP was it to be a super hard class that i’m stuck reading & reading 100 pages every night. We actually don’t do a lot of work. We are set up to be in the atmosphere of a timed test. Like when we have a quiz or test we are timed just like the real AP exam in May”, Joseph said.

     Chenry Danger also said, “Before I went to AP, I thought it was this super tough class that you have multiple tests per week and a lot of work to keep track of but it turned out to help me with my writing for colleges.

   Many students have their personal struggles in AP classes. Queona, an AP student would have to study and teach herself most days after class –that’s the thing some AP students don’t necessarily understand. Some students are only applying themselves in school but school shouldn’t be your limit on learning. You really need to outstretch yourself and practice on studying and making sure you understand the lesson. For Honors students you have to study to be sufficient in class so of course it will be harder for college-level classes

    “The teacher will teach but you really have to apply yourself to actually learn the material, so that’s where studying comes along” Queona said.

    So I ask them What exactly is your personal struggle? For Claudia it’s the “more” aspect. She has ‘more’ reading, ‘more’ work, ‘more’ everything and she has to keep up with it or it’ll be hard for her to get back up. Catching up with work or assignments is not the easiest thing to do because you could be behind in a few works but the teacher will still add on new ones.

    “There’s also a state test that you have to pass in order to get credit. And once you fall down a spiral of not doing your best it’s hard to get back up.” Joseph added.

    Claire, an IB student, was asked if AP was harder than IB and she immediately dismissed the idea.

    “IB is a lot more challenging than AP. We have more projects and we basically have homework every day”. Claire said. Claudia Joseph agreed, “AP classes probably have less work than IB because IB has a different curriculum.

      “If they’re willing to put their time and effort for the whole class then it’s right for them because it’s a lot of work to receive information and study it”. Chenry concluded.

     So now let me ask you: do you think you could handle an AP class?

Above is an example of a worksheet of a note format for an AP student. As said by Chenry Danger she said note taking is the easiest homework she received. Now we wonder what’s the hardest work received? Claudia said it’s pretty normal like Honors classes.

More than just a teacher

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Oftentimes we assume there is nothing more to teachers than what we see at school. Our teachers could be artists, comedians, actors, athletes, etc. A teacher is more than what we see and most probably wouldn’t expect that.

For example, Mr.Arjoon makes hip hop music. When he was 14 he really got into it and it became a way for him to express himself. As time went by he would show his music to a few friends and little by little acknowledged his own achievements. By age 23-24 he was aware he was good at making his music and gave himself recognition. While he found his way to express himself and it’s a healthy way to get out emotions. And like him we should never stop trying to pursue what we love.

            Another example, would be Ms.Radic. She makes heavily hmdl based websites as well as programming. Like Mr.Arjoon She has been doing this since she was 14. It wasn’t something she thought she’d like. During her high school years she took a rotational class where there were do different things every few weeks. In this class they had a section where they did computer stuff and she realized it was something she was actually into. Ms.Radic took this hobby of hers and made it into a career. She enjoys what she does and it creates a sense of happiness. She has freedom to do what she wants and a sense of self pride that lets her live her life knowing she’s doing what she’s wanted.

        “Explore as much as you can even if it’s just a brief something cause you never know what you’re gonna like”(Ms.Radic).

       Everyone in this world is a teacher you just have to be willing to learn and people surround us daily with all sorts of lessons. From Mr.Arjoon you can learn that with an outlet to express ourselves we can make something and that we should learn to appreciate ourselves and recognize what we are capable of. Ms.Radic can teach that life can surprise us and things we would never think of liking can turn into something that makes you look forward to working everyday.

         Our teachers are more than what we give them credit for and we could learn more from our teachers than just the subjects they teach. If we payed attention and actually cared we could learn so much from our teachers after all they’re job is to teach us and show us what we need in life.

Teen Life in Healthier Delray Beach: How to get involved

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teen-logoWhen presenting the idea before their classmates then before the principle he had a mission, to make an impact in his community. After suffering with PTSD himself due to Haiti Earthquake, Claude wanted to change the perception of mental health among the community beginning with his peers. His motivation and desire for community involvement, and to end the stigma on Mental Health. This led him to create his own club,Teen Life in HDB, an after school club that talks about Mental illness and develops ideas to create a no judgment zone.And hold fun lunch events that showcase the cause.
Atlantic High is the home of many clubs and activities, so there is always an opportunity to get involved. Being involved in your school community holds benefits for your use. Finding like-minded people, a potential career interest, or current interest; but if you cannot find a club that fits your vision or a school need, create one. At club rush, a lot of new and original clubs to be apart of and start the trend. I myself took the initiative to join a few, being involved in my school community gave me opportunities to meet new people try new and interesting things.

Two years ago, Claude Lamarre and a couple of friends sat down with Ms. Ocampo with the idea of creating a club that educates students Mental Health in an engaging way. When Teen Life in Healthier Delray Beach was approved his first thought was “ now, how can we promote this club with a bang?” That was the start of even greater things to come, So that May they planned Lunch Events, where the students can enjoy music, play fun games while learning about Mental Health and the statistics. At the event they had a ton of sign-ups interested in the club, so they gathered all the names and that summer was filled with planning on what to do the following school year to get the message across. They held monthly meetings and had a great consistent group.
Now, during this school year, their goal is to spread information with the whole, student body through having posters around the school kids can write on to express themselves. At their recent planning meeting, the first topic they want to address to the student public is self-love. They wish to approach this by having a 3-day weekly challenge involving a wall they can decorate or write a promise to themselves. We also want to post inspiring quotes or poems on self-love so as they pass by they can remember the value of self-worth.Teen Life wanted to end it with an after school get together where the students are invited after school to reflect about this project talk about self-love, and do a fun art project for a keepsake. This will be on the week on November 6th.
The message of self-love is valued trait and should be displayed among the whole school. So, get involved or create your own club that may benefit your student community, and make a difference in this world just by your involvement. I would also want to encourage to get involved in school whether it’s during or after, make an impact, leave a legacy on this great landmark. Most importantly have fun doing it and enjoy the new experiences you will be exposed to during your high school journey.


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Back in my freshman year, I had my first boyfriend. Growing up, my parents told me to stay away from boys, when I’m ready I could have one but for now I needed to focus on school, and maybe when I’m in college I could have one. If you paid attention to what I said, my parents quoted ‘when I’m ready’. Well I thought I was. Nothing bad happened between us I had to move to Boynton Beach and we broke up along the way. He was just great, sometimes I asked myself if I was dreaming cause it was too good to be true.

Why do people get into relationships and break up the next week or month? The word “love” in our generation is meaningless. This goes for both teens and adults. Back in the days, love had a great definition to all. Most of the times when we say “I love you” to each other, it’s maybe just to get on their good side or just so they don’t lose their self esteem- if they came and said it to you. We just say it to make each other feel good and not to lose their self esteem. The only time we mean it is when we say it to our parents and other family members. The unlucky one’s that never had love from both parents in their childhood are the ones that be loving the most when they do find the one.

I’ve interviewed some students that are in a relationship, or were either in a relationship at Atlantic Community High School, and they said some surprising stuff that touched me deeply. My first question to them was their own definition of love. Most of them responded the same way saying that relationships today aren’t real like back in the old days. People get into relationships just for looks, followers, likes on social media, and for ‘goals’. The relationship isn’t even about them; it’s about what others think of them, if they’re made for each other, if they look cute together or not. ‘You may think that special someone is your soul mate/ the love of your life but he/she can just be temporary; you might lose feelings and breakup. It’s sad but at the same time it’s a beautiful experience which will help in the future’ -from Charles.

Relationships nowadays are just foolishness in my opinion. I think that love is a great feeling but these days, we are all getting into relationships just for fun or just to fit in with others. We don’t look for respect: loyalty, kindness, and faithfulness, we have no sort of communication, no trust in each other, we don’t even want to see each other succeed especially after a breakup, sadly all we want is the fame.

Would you like to make a change in today’s relationship?

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