Ceramics Class Makes Russian Nesting Dolls

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   Ceramics teacher in Atlantic Community High School, Ms.Konash, is working on a new project called Nesting Dolls. Also known as Russian Nesting Dolls, they are a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another. These dolls are often designed to follow a specific theme; for example, Mickey Mouse.

   Ms.Konash did this project with a little twist. Instead of wood, the students are using clay.

Photo courtesy of cqmsjt.com
Photo courtesy of cqmsjt.com

   To make these nesting dolls, there are specific tools that need to be used. For example, the wire tool, which is used to cut the clay off the mound. Another example is the modeling tool, this is used to blend and decorate on the clay. There is a technique called the “Pinch Pottery”. It is the oldest form of pottery and the only tool is hands.

   Each student chose their own different theme. They first began with the smallest piece which is the peg. As they finished each piece, they move onto bigger ones. Details were also a huge part of this project.

   This project was definitely made with time, effort, and neatness.

My name is Adriana Cruz, a senior in Atlantic Community High School. I first joined this school last year, which was a huge change considering that I lived in Puerto Rico previously. But, luckily, I managed to adapt easily and make friends. I am very happy to be graduating this year. My plans are to go to college and study Criminal Justice. Since I was little, I liked anything that had to do with crime.

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  1. So cool! Will these be on display for us to see? It would be GREAT to see the excellent products created by our hardworking, creative students!!

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