Cheerleading is in fact a Real Sport!

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The Atlantic Community High School Chearleaders
The Atlantic Community High School Cheerleaders

Cheerleading hasn’t been around for long compared to other sports. The official birth date for cheerleading was on November 2, 1998. Many people say that cheerleading is not much of a sport, but that is false. The Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) has recognized cheerleading as an interscholastic sport.

Not only is there cheerleading for school, there is also a type called competitive cheer. The FHSAA board gave final approval to a competitive cheerleading season at its annual meeting on June 2. The board says that, “the first season will begin Aug. 6 and conclude with the first FHSAA competitive cheerleading championships in March 2008.”

Competitive cheer is when teams from all across the world compete against each other to see who has the best routine, including jumps, tumbling, cheer, and dance. Cheerleading is just like any other sport; if the team wins certain competitions they move on to what you call regionals. Then, from regionals the team goes to state championship, and if states is completed they move on to  world championship.

Cheerleading has scholarships just like any other sport played today, another reason why cheerleading should be considered as a real sport. Many girls around the world would love to get a scholarship from cheer. Getting a cheer scholarship is hard. To get  one you have to be the best of the best.

Even though cheerleading has not been around very long, it is a dangerous but fun sport to be involved in. For those who still don’t believe that cheerleading is sport, now you have your proof!

My name is Naya Fulton. I am a junior and I currently attend Atlantic High School. I love to cheer, play softball, and participate in the junior rotc program. My favorite subject is marine science. I love animals that live underwater. I am the last of three children and the only girl. plans for college is to study marine biology then enter the military. I can sing and dance. I'm also good with speech. Lastly fashion is my passion.

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