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    Ethel and Julius and Rosenberg in the trial against them in 1951. photo courtesy of history.com

Clearing Ethel Rosenberg’s name

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    During the “Red Scare Era” (The Cold-War), The United States of America was going through a war with Communism. From 1947 to 1953, Americans were tasked by the government to seek out individuals that were affiliated with the Soviet Union. Those found to be guilty were sentenced to death, Lots of individuals were accused throughout this crisis. One of the most recognized names affiliated with the “Red Scare Era” is Rosenberg. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were a married couple who were sentenced to death on the electric chair by the American government after being found guilty of espionage.

  The United States were in a paranoid state of mind because they believed that there was an underground conspiracy that was being led by the Soviet Union to get intelligence on its military technology, such as nuclear bombs. These weapon prototypes would then be used by the Soviet Union to fight the United States. The Rosenbergs were convicted and executed. The National Archive shows how meaningful the testimony of David Greenglass (Ethel’s brother) in putting the final nail in the coffin for them being found guilty, although there were no direct quotes from him saying that him, Ethel, and Julius were all part of the scheme.

  However, according to CNN, last year’s documents from the case were released to the public by a judge. While digging through the papers, it was discovered that Greenglass never mentioned anything about his sister being affiliated in the espionage, so the court had no real reason to convict the her.

  With this new information surfacing, the sons of Ethel and Julius are seeking for the exoneration of their mother’s name. After the execution of their parents, Robert and Michael Meeropol were left to be orphans, and because the family and the case were so notorious, they had to change their names from Rosenberg.

  The only way their mother’s name could be exonerated is by the current president doing it. as of the time this article was written, President Obama as 42 days left in the office. The reason why it is especially important that Obama does it before he leaves the office is that the President-Elect, Donald Trump, most likely won’t do it.

  Trump’s formers lawyer, Roy Cohn, was a prosecutor for the Rosenberg case, he also had a big hand in development and possibly instilled some of his values. He is surrounded by people who are more likely to lean towards not clearing Ethel Rosenberg’s name. Due to this, the Meeropol brothers are desperately trying to get Obama’s attention for there is a better chance of him clearing her name than Trump.

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