Coffeyville Commit Tackles his way to Student of the Week!

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Atlantic High has a large amount of students who are exceptionally great in everything they do and are on the road to success with their goals. Kevin Norris is one of those star students in and off the field.  “This year Kevin was one of our star players on the team to get us far on the road to states on the football field,” said Douge Barnhart.

Although on the field they call him “Sody,” he is an excellent player on the field. He also is a great student when it comes to education. He currently maintains a 3.2 GPA and does community service outside of school. Norris volunteers with the little football league at East Boynton Wildcats.


Kevin Norris Jr. signing to Coffeyville Community College. Staff Photo

Norris, a.k.a “Sody Pop,” has goals after he graduates high school. His goals are to transfer to a four year University after attending Coffeyville University in Kansas for a year. He wants to major in Sports Medicine.  His advice to others who want to be successful is: “stay focused and do not let anyone bring you or your dreams down.”

“Norris contributes his time to school and sports; he is able to manage both along with his life duties, and that is what makes him who he is today,” said Coach Pooh.

He has strengths and weaknesses but that is human nature. He points out his mistakes and tries to fix them so that he won’t become lost in life. “Sody is a very determined individual, I just want to see him succeed,” said Jacarius Norris, Norris’ cousin. Being a role model is sometimes hard but Kevin makes it look easy!

My name is Naya Fulton. I am a junior and I currently attend Atlantic High School. I love to cheer, play softball, and participate in the junior rotc program. My favorite subject is marine science. I love animals that live underwater. I am the last of three children and the only girl. plans for college is to study marine biology then enter the military. I can sing and dance. I'm also good with speech. Lastly fashion is my passion.

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