Expect eagles pride to soar next week: Seniors’ last spirit week!

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As the school year rapidly comes to an end, so do the fun events and themed activities we all love to participate in, such as spirit week. Next week, 04/24-04/28, is yours truly, Atlantic Community High School’s last spirit week for the year. Although 100% of the student body does not participate, almost ALL do. The main attraction to this week-long event is obviously the fun, out of dress code, dress up part.

So what does it consist of?
Day 1, 04/24- ‘Merica Monday
Day 2, 04/25- Mathletes VS. Athletes
Day 3, 04/26- Squad Up
Day 4, 04/27- Country Western VS. Country Club
Day 5, 04/28- Into the future Friday

Being the last Spirit week for the class of 2017, expect this one to be extravagant! To add on to the fun, the first day also consists of a color run decathlon on the field, starting at 4 p.m. Just show up with your friends and family to watch the competition in the stands if you didn’t already get to sign up! The decathlon happens thanks to ROTC and the SGA.

Spirit week is a great way to bring the student body together and really unite and have fun as one! Students, teachers, admin and staff all participate and work together to truly enjoy it.

My first spirit week in 2013. It was generation day, so freshman were babies! My first spirit week in 2013. It was generation day, so freshman were babies!

I’d like to excitedly announce this is my first year writing for The Squall here at Atlantic High School and my last year attending...so sad! My name is Tiara Heal and although I do not plan on pursing a career in Journalism, writing has always been a secret passion of mine. Being a part of this great group of people will give me an outlet to express not only myself, but students and teachers who can relate or have interest in topics that will be discussed.

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