Florida Senator Frank Artiles resigning

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  On Friday, April 21st, 2017, Florida Senator Frank Artiles announced he is resigning after receiving pressure following the use of a racial slur during drinks with 2 other lawmakers.

  Frank Artiles said in his resignation letter that,  “It is clear to me my recent actions and words that I spoke fell far short of what I expect for myself, and for this, I am very sorry. I am responsible, and I am accountable, and effective immediately, I am resigning from the Florida State Senate.” The next day on Tuesday after the tirade  he said that he let his “temper get the best of [him].”

 CNN later interviewed the Senate President and asked what he had to say about the incident. He had this to say“Racial slurs and profane, sexist insults have no place in conversation between Senators and will not be tolerated while I am serving as Senate President.” According to CNN, Artiles also apologized to Sen. Audrey Gibson for calling her a rude word during the tirade as well. He said during his prepared apology speech in front of the senate,  “I extend a heartfelt apology to my colleagues and to all those I have offended.” Even though Frank Artiles apologized, that does not make what he said okay with the people he hurt and offended. He needs to prove he is sorry.

Florida Senator Frank Artiles announcing his retirement Source: http://www.tampabay.com/
Florida Senator Frank Artiles announcing his retirement
Source: http://www.tampabay.com/

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