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   Atlantic Community High School students prepare themselves for prom 2017. Prom will be held at South County Civic Center Delray Beach on April 28th from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. This year, Durgin announced that the theme was based on nature. Tickets are still available for both seniors ($50) and juniors ($60) during lunch by Kevin Logan. Each week tickets go up $5.

   As we all know, getting ready for prom can be very stressful and expensive. Students in Atlantic have been making preparations such as appointments for hair and makeup. Girls in Atlantic said that it may seem very simple but in reality, it takes time because we all want to look our best. The closer prom is, the more pressure we feel.

   In a survey of a couple seniors, they said dress shopping has to be the hardest decision. This includes picking the color, style and size. Prices range from $100-$600; it all depends on the store. If it’s a department store, you’re likely to find a dress for a reasonable price but, if it’s a boutique, chances are the price will be higher.

   On the other hand, boys have it a bit easier because it’s all about a tuxedo. They usually go with the simple black suit and accessories of a color that pops out. In some places, a tuxedo can be purchased on special for $60, but they’re usually $100-$150 (rental). Here in Atlantic, students love to go all out so guys typically rent fancy cars like BMW’s, Mercedes and Mustangs.

   The class of 2017 says they are “very nervous and excited” because this is their year. Prom is something students would never want to miss. It’s a very special night for everyone, the night where students put all their worries to the side and just enjoy. Atlantic High School is ready to have some fun this year.

My name is Adriana Cruz, a senior in Atlantic Community High School. I first joined this school last year, which was a huge change considering that I lived in Puerto Rico previously. But, luckily, I managed to adapt easily and make friends. I am very happy to be graduating this year. My plans are to go to college and study Criminal Justice. Since I was little, I liked anything that had to do with crime.

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