Girls Like Me by Tanya Savory; Relatable to teens

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  “Girls Like Me” is one of the books in the Bluford Series, written by various authors. Angel McAllister’s life is in trouble. Her mom is depressed, her dad just left her family, and her best friend, Sharice Bell, finds out her biggest secret; that she is a lesbian.

  This book does a very good job at showing some of the struggles of life. It shows the hardship of a parent leaving the family, a parent falling into depression, and the struggles of getting bullied. All the characters are very relatable to also. Many people may be the Sharice or the LaDonna of the book, the girls that are popular, and love to talk about boys and parties and clothes. Other people may relate to Win, because he is shy and smart, but also kind, fun to be around and loyal. Other people may relate better to Trey, who has girls falling all over him, yet wants nothing to do with it. Others may relate with Justice, who is confident, outgoing, and does not care what other people think of her. Many people can relate with these personalities, which makes this book even more enjoyable to read.

  Another reason that this book is so appealing is because it has aspects that almost everyone can relate with. One thing that people can relate to is having a parent leaving your family, or your parents separating. Many can also relate to being bullied during school, like Angel, which is more common nowadays. Many can also relate to having a parent suffering with depression. All these real life aspects incorporated in the book make the book even more relatable, which makes this book even more appealing.

  In the end, “Girls Like Me” is a very good book that shows some of the struggles of life, and is definitely worth taking the time to read.  It is on Mackinvia or on the Bluford Series website.

Book cover of Girls Like Me by Tanya Savory Courtesy of:
Book cover of Girls Like Me by Tanya Savory
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