Gone but never forgotten

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Tyrin’s senior portrait. Courtesy of Tyra Miller.

    A child that has turned into a beautiful angel to fly high in the sky, Tyrin Miller, seventeen year old senior, born on Dec. 23, 1998, has had his last on Dec. 7, 2016. Tyrin was the man of the party.

   He loved to listen to music while sitting in his backyard, playing cards with his friends. This year, he hoped to make his mom proud by walking across that stage. Tyrin was a down-to-earth, relaxed person and he will truly be missed.

    Tyrin has five siblings: Nique, Shay, Brente, Louise, and Tyra. He shared an unbreakable bond with each of them. Tyrin was the shortest in his crew of friends, but had a fire in him that everyone knew.

   He was a sweet boy who loved to joke around and have fun. Tyrin was the funniest when it came to joking around. He was the one who made you laugh even when you were not in a good mood. He was also the one to eat your applesauce at lunch if you didn’t want it.

   Tyrin will forever remain in the hearts of many friends and family. A young soul gone too soon. Rest in paradise, sweet angel.

My name is Naya Fulton. I am a junior and I currently attend Atlantic High School. I love to cheer, play softball, and participate in the junior rotc program. My favorite subject is marine science. I love animals that live underwater. I am the last of three children and the only girl. plans for college is to study marine biology then enter the military. I can sing and dance. I'm also good with speech. Lastly fashion is my passion.

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