how hard exactly is taking an A.P course?

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 How hard exactly is AP classes?

      Every Night Chenry Danger was stuck doing her homework, which she couldn’t keep up with. She will have to stay up some nights to just complete her homework.Her stress level was getting pretty high but she can’t let a stress get in the way of her studying and catching up in her classes. When asked what’s the easiest homework received she said reading a page and taking notes.

  Cherny’s story is similar to many other AP students’ stories out there. For Honors students they’ve been hearing how hard AP classes are and instantly dismiss the idea of enrolling. A fear factor of failing the test and lowering their GPA’s is what triggers everyone.

    Claudia Joseph and Chenry Danger expectation about AP was that they thought AP was going to be this super hard class that they will be stuck reading a lot of pages and having a lot of work to do back to back, however, it turned out for them to be way less stressful and less overwhelming than their expectation have let them believe. When Claudia went there she did realize that she will be timed on her tests but she understands that they do that because of the real AP exam in May that will be timed as well. She also realized that her expectation may be right but she finds it a good thing because she has realized that AP has helped her with her writing for colleges.

    “My expectation of AP was it to be a super hard class that i’m stuck reading & reading 100 pages every night. We actually don’t do a lot of work. We are set up to be in the atmosphere of a timed test. Like when we have a quiz or test we are timed just like the real AP exam in May”, Joseph said.

     Chenry Danger also said, “Before I went to AP, I thought it was this super tough class that you have multiple tests per week and a lot of work to keep track of but it turned out to help me with my writing for colleges.

   Many students have their personal struggles in AP classes. Queona, an AP student would have to study and teach herself most days after class –that’s the thing some AP students don’t necessarily understand. Some students are only applying themselves in school but school shouldn’t be your limit on learning. You really need to outstretch yourself and practice on studying and making sure you understand the lesson. For Honors students you have to study to be sufficient in class so of course it will be harder for college-level classes

    “The teacher will teach but you really have to apply yourself to actually learn the material, so that’s where studying comes along” Queona said.

    So I ask them What exactly is your personal struggle? For Claudia it’s the “more” aspect. She has ‘more’ reading, ‘more’ work, ‘more’ everything and she has to keep up with it or it’ll be hard for her to get back up. Catching up with work or assignments is not the easiest thing to do because you could be behind in a few works but the teacher will still add on new ones.

    “There’s also a state test that you have to pass in order to get credit. And once you fall down a spiral of not doing your best it’s hard to get back up.” Joseph added.

    Claire, an IB student, was asked if AP was harder than IB and she immediately dismissed the idea.

    “IB is a lot more challenging than AP. We have more projects and we basically have homework every day”. Claire said. Claudia Joseph agreed, “AP classes probably have less work than IB because IB has a different curriculum.

      “If they’re willing to put their time and effort for the whole class then it’s right for them because it’s a lot of work to receive information and study it”. Chenry concluded.

     So now let me ask you: do you think you could handle an AP class?

Above is an example of a worksheet of a note format for an AP student. As said by Chenry Danger she said note taking is the easiest homework she received. Now we wonder what’s the hardest work received? Claudia said it’s pretty normal like Honors classes.

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