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Jackson Destine raps his way into student of the week!

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Junior Jackson Destine is the perfect example of a student having a dream and following it. Jackson states, “I come from a tough background” so he uses his rap music to express and describe his troubles and tribulations that he experiences.

“I wanted to create a positive flow and create an overall sense of positivity to pick people up,” said Jackson. He jots down lyrics in between his wrestling matches, using the sport as a sense of inspiration and focus. Jackson used his rapping skills to create a school “anthem” for the SOAR (Safety, Ownership, Act responsibly, Respect) program.

ATL S.O.A.R. – Jackson Destine


The rap has caught on throughout the school, with the Eaglettes dance team creating a special moveset for it that will be seen in the first pep rally of the year, which takes place on Oct. 13. “I hope that my music can inspire kids at school to pay attention in class and have good behavior once they hear the rap,” said Jackson.

Very excited for the school to hear his music and hoping to break into the online rap scene, Jackson said, “I use Kodak Black as an inspiration. His story is relatable to mine and he’s proven to me that you can achieve what you put your mind towards.” Jackson has achieved a perfect 4.0 Grade Point Average thus far throughout high school, having straight As.

He hopes to be able to garner attention through his football and wrestling skills in order to be awarded a scholarship to a college. He says that furthering his education is something that he values highly.

Make sure to congratulate Jackson this week on being named student of the week!

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