Kawaii and the rising of cuteness

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The pleasures of sighting something so pleasing to the eye that you become so excited and flustered is exactly what the Japanese culture defines “Kawaii.” Kawaii has spread worldwide; it is well known considering it is used in context of art, entertainment, food, clothing, makeup, toys and even the way a person acts.

    The start of everything adorably “cute” all began in the 1970s. Most teenage girls discovered a new style of writing, using what we call mechanical pencils. These pencils in particular were very different from what the Japanese culture were used to; they made the handwriting much smaller and thinner which could  then be described as childish. Today, it can be identified as comic writing, round writing, kitten writing, or even fake-child writing. Between 1984 and 1986, a man named Kazuma Yamane examined the growth of the handwriting. It is said the handwriting was brought up female teenagers themselves.

    With Kawaii merchandise in the picture, the expanding trend of cuteness continued to grow. Hello Kitty instantly blew up when the innocent toy was released, a perfect example for the rising trend. Other figures such as Seiko Matsuda had women of the younger ages imitating the way she dressed and behave, portraying themselves as helpless and innocent. Not only is Kawaii influencing the younger people, but has been welcomed by people of all ages. Due to this, Seiko Matsuda has been titled the “Eternal Idol” by the Japanese. Kawaii has an impact all over the world. Women and children love it and stores such as Forever 21 widely accept the ways of the japanese culture.

kawaii clothing
kawaii clothing

kawaii handwriting source: www.pintrest.com
kawaii handwriting
source: www.pintrest.com

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