Letter From The Editor: Dealing with Work

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   The school year just started a few weeks ago, but students may still be having trouble with getting in the right mindset, especially with the “Senioritis” phenomenon that some say they experience. The most important thing when in school is actually being able to handle all the work and assignments.

   Stress is a significant problem in schools nationwide; I know that in high school, we all have a lot of tests and assignments, in addition to the college applications, standardized exams, and possible jobs. It can be extremely difficult, and is an important responsibility, one that can cause intense stress among students. According to USA Today, “Teens’ average stress level was 5.8 out of 10 during the school year.” This is an epidemic, and some students suffer harshly, experiencing panic attacks and other harsh symptoms of stress, like insomnia, headaches, and even growing agitated and angry.

   Learning how to cope with this stress and stopping it from occurring is significant in numerous aspects of life, not just school. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), some possible ways to try and deal with stress is to “get plenty of sleep” and “take a break.” Others say that relaxing by doing enjoyable activities can reduce stress. A calming nap could be a perfect way to reduce stress.

   Some may cast aside the idea of handling stress and anxiety, but in the end, it is vital, since in college and at work, there will be situations that could be even more stressful than now. Dealing with this not only can help students become calmer and healthier, but it can also allow for personal growth.

I’ve been a part of The Squall and the journalism class all four years that I have attended Atlantic. After starting to edit articles and work on layout during the second semester of my freshman year, I became Editor-in-Chief halfway through my sophomore year. I’ve always shown my dedication to the newspaper and I have been interested in writing since I was in elementary school. However, journalism didn’t grab my attention until freshman year when I realized that Atlantic offered the class and we could actually create a newspaper, which I find incredible. When I graduate in May, I plan on majoring in sport management at the University of Florida.

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