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Back in my freshman year, I had my first boyfriend. Growing up, my parents told me to stay away from boys, when I’m ready I could have one but for now I needed to focus on school, and maybe when I’m in college I could have one. If you paid attention to what I said, my parents quoted ‘when I’m ready’. Well I thought I was. Nothing bad happened between us I had to move to Boynton Beach and we broke up along the way. He was just great, sometimes I asked myself if I was dreaming cause it was too good to be true.

Why do people get into relationships and break up the next week or month? The word “love” in our generation is meaningless. This goes for both teens and adults. Back in the days, love had a great definition to all. Most of the times when we say “I love you” to each other, it’s maybe just to get on their good side or just so they don’t lose their self esteem- if they came and said it to you. We just say it to make each other feel good and not to lose their self esteem. The only time we mean it is when we say it to our parents and other family members. The unlucky one’s that never had love from both parents in their childhood are the ones that be loving the most when they do find the one.

I’ve interviewed some students that are in a relationship, or were either in a relationship at Atlantic Community High School, and they said some surprising stuff that touched me deeply. My first question to them was their own definition of love. Most of them responded the same way saying that relationships today aren’t real like back in the old days. People get into relationships just for looks, followers, likes on social media, and for ‘goals’. The relationship isn’t even about them; it’s about what others think of them, if they’re made for each other, if they look cute together or not. ‘You may think that special someone is your soul mate/ the love of your life but he/she can just be temporary; you might lose feelings and breakup. It’s sad but at the same time it’s a beautiful experience which will help in the future’ -from Charles.

Relationships nowadays are just foolishness in my opinion. I think that love is a great feeling but these days, we are all getting into relationships just for fun or just to fit in with others. We don’t look for respect: loyalty, kindness, and faithfulness, we have no sort of communication, no trust in each other, we don’t even want to see each other succeed especially after a breakup, sadly all we want is the fame.

Would you like to make a change in today’s relationship?

My name is Jessy Augustin, senior at Atlantic Community High School. For the first time in forever, I'm attending a school twice in a row without moving. Usually I move to a new place every school year, I'm never happy about moving because it all means that I have to start all over again. However, moving every year did change my personality, I used to be extremely shy but meeting new people every school year changed that a little. I joined journalism to make a change in the world we living in and also to improve my writing which I enjoy doing in both good and bad moments.

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