Miami Heat’s new chapter

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  This past free agency, the Miami Heat lost many important players, Dwayne Wade specifically. This left the Heat in a very unfortunate position leaving many to believe that the Heat were doomed for a losing season. The team resigned a few players on major contracts such as Tyler Johnson and Hassan Whiteside, and although this did not provide much hope, it was something.

  The beginning of the season was difficult for the Heat as they lost many games, and it was evident that the chemistry was not there. Ever since the All-Star break, the team has only lost three games.

  This is the result  of good team-play, amazing coaching and even better chemistry. The Heat are on course to make a final playoff spot, and many believe that they could possibly go past the second round because of their amazing play. Many NBA analysts have the Miami Heat as a top 10 team in the NBA.

  The team is being led by Dion Waiters, a subpar point guard that came into his own this year, Goran Dragic, a past-his-prime ex-star point guard, and Hassan Whiteside, a rebounding machine with an attitude. This ragtag band of NBA misfits have come together under head coach Erik Spoelstra to be a viable and winning basketball

Dion Waiters commanding the heat offense
Dion Waiters commanding the heat offense

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