Missing Tennessee student ran off with teacher

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     Teachers are vital to a student learning and development. Most teachers you can trust with issues that are blocking your learning process. A Tennessee (TN) student was reported missing with her teacher. Background checks are not rigorous enough to screen out potential threats to students.

     If the process of becoming a teacher is difficult, then many people would not pursue a career as a teacher. The amount of teachers in the world will decrease dramatically because the process to become a teacher will become harder. Tad Cummins, resume says he was respiratory therapist and a percussionist. Recently he is a high school health science teacher in TN. Cummins disappeared with Elizabeth Thomas, his student, March 13. Cummins put ideas into Thomas’s head.

     He convinced her he was a former CIA and FBI agent that was flushed with cash. No teacher shall put beliefs in a student’s head, especially when they are at the age where they believe everything they hear. Taylor is a 15 year old freshman. “He convinced her he had been a secret agent and … that he had access to all kinds of money,” Anthony Thomas, Elizabeth father, told HLN. A teacher should not swoon a student by telling them lies. Teachers are supposed to protect students when the students are in their care.

Officials released a picture of Cummins and Taylor in school January. Photo Courtesy: www.cnnnews.com

     Elizabeth reportedly looked at Cummins as a counselor. She looked at him for guidance. Even though he was believed to be a guiding figure, he was found giving her a peck on the lips. Thomas and Cummins both deny the claims. He referred to her as “a good friend.” Cummins resigned from his position due to the. No one dared to pay it much attention, until Thomas was reported missing March 13. The next day, an AMBER ALERT was sent out.

     If district officials knew Cummins’ mental state, all of this probably would have been avoided. There is no way we will know if it will guarantee prevention of future situations like this because a person can change their mind daily. This is just a start to protecting students from teachers with a “comforting” appearance.

     Thomas is still missing and Cummins is still out there with her. They are believed to gotten married and they were last seen near Decatur, Alabama. The districts should implement stricter background checks. If districts were to be more cautious about the staff they hire, students may be protected.


15 year old Elizabeth Thomas is still missing
15 year old Elizabeth Thomas is still missing

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