Missing woman held captive under a shed

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Dennis Dunn's Shed he held Jennifer Elliot in. photo curtosy wcpo.com

Dennis Dunn’s Shed he held Jennifer Elliot in. Photo courtesy of wcpo.com

Something horrible has happened in Blanchester, Ohio. On Wednesday, April 26, 2017, Jennifer Elliott, 30, was kidnapped and held captive under her neighbor’s shed. The police were called about hearing crying noises. When the cops arrived Elliot was pulled from a dirt pit under the shed around 4 a.m. Elliott was covered with a lot of heavy objects. Police stated that Elliott was not responding when she was found.

     When found, Elliott did not show signs of physical trauma but she did appear to have suffered from a seizure. According to Elliott’s mother, Gayle Rowe, Elliot had gone missing around 1:30 a.m. She went missing for a couple of hours until she was found. Because of Elliott’s crying, her mother heard her and called the cops immediately.

      The neighbor who kidnapped Elliott was named Dennis Dunn, the 45 year old home’s lone resident. Dunn was placed in a mental facility for inpatient mental health treatment before, but was released after staying for a few days. They apprehended Dunn at 8:00 a.m and he was calm at the moment. Dunn is still in custody and appealed in  court early this morning. Dunn’s father came forward and apologized for his son’s actions and any harm done.

      Mental people should not be in a neighborhood full of unprotected citizens. They should be placed where they can receive the help that they deserve.  

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