More than just a teacher

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Oftentimes we assume there is nothing more to teachers than what we see at school. Our teachers could be artists, comedians, actors, athletes, etc. A teacher is more than what we see and most probably wouldn’t expect that.

For example, Mr.Arjoon makes hip hop music. When he was 14 he really got into it and it became a way for him to express himself. As time went by he would show his music to a few friends and little by little acknowledged his own achievements. By age 23-24 he was aware he was good at making his music and gave himself recognition. While he found his way to express himself and it’s a healthy way to get out emotions. And like him we should never stop trying to pursue what we love.

            Another example, would be Ms.Radic. She makes heavily hmdl based websites as well as programming. Like Mr.Arjoon She has been doing this since she was 14. It wasn’t something she thought she’d like. During her high school years she took a rotational class where there were do different things every few weeks. In this class they had a section where they did computer stuff and she realized it was something she was actually into. Ms.Radic took this hobby of hers and made it into a career. She enjoys what she does and it creates a sense of happiness. She has freedom to do what she wants and a sense of self pride that lets her live her life knowing she’s doing what she’s wanted.

        “Explore as much as you can even if it’s just a brief something cause you never know what you’re gonna like”(Ms.Radic).

       Everyone in this world is a teacher you just have to be willing to learn and people surround us daily with all sorts of lessons. From Mr.Arjoon you can learn that with an outlet to express ourselves we can make something and that we should learn to appreciate ourselves and recognize what we are capable of. Ms.Radic can teach that life can surprise us and things we would never think of liking can turn into something that makes you look forward to working everyday.

         Our teachers are more than what we give them credit for and we could learn more from our teachers than just the subjects they teach. If we payed attention and actually cared we could learn so much from our teachers after all they’re job is to teach us and show us what we need in life.

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