Mr. Durgin jumping his way in greatness for Teacher of the Month!!

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  Having a determined, smart, and exciting teacher  deserves the spot light.

Mr. Durgin looking in the direction of greatness he says
Mr. Durgin looking in the direction of greatness he says

   “Who is Will Durgin?” some students and teachers may ask. Well, Durgin is a six year employee here at Atlantic Community High School. He graduated from Atlantic High himself in 2005. When he attended Atlantic High he was the captain of the wrestling team and the JROTC Battalion Commander.  “Don’t be a jerk! Everybody likes nice people,” a quote from Durgin himself.   

   As a teacher he taught World History, Student Gov., Economics, and U.S Government and has sponsored junior and senior classes. He is the wrestling and baseball coach. Mr. Durgin has just received his Master’s Degree in educational leadership and hopes to become an Assistant Principal in the future. “When I’m not outclassing Wigelsworth in any and everything, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Sarah, and beautiful daughter, Hannah,” says Durgin.

  Durgin is appreciated by the staff of Atlantic High for giving his hard work and dedication to the school. “As an educator, Will Durgin stands alone. He is great asset to Atlantic High. Aside from his questionable fashion sense, he is a role model to the youth of this school,” stated by Joshua Wigelsworth.

  Away from school, Durgin enjoys tie-dying clothes as well as being a significant athletic supporter. When he is not teaching he often wears swimming trunks in public. His outlook on life is very similar to the great Joe Dirt. Life’s a garden…Dig it!

My name is Naya Fulton. I am a junior and I currently attend Atlantic High School. I love to cheer, play softball, and participate in the junior rotc program. My favorite subject is marine science. I love animals that live underwater. I am the last of three children and the only girl. plans for college is to study marine biology then enter the military. I can sing and dance. I'm also good with speech. Lastly fashion is my passion.

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