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    The Nintendo Switch, releasing March 3rd.

Nintendo or Nintendon’t?

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   Despite two media events surrounding the new device, the Nintendo Switch is consistently marred by nagging questions. On Monday, Nintendo answered some of these, specifically those regarding the hardware.

  Nintendo revealed that the 6.2 inch touchscreen of the tablet can, and will, produce 720p resolution while the video output whilst docked is 1920 x 1080  and 60 frames per second. In addition, a 4310 mAh battery will be used. With this battery, users can expect a range of 3.5-6 hours of game time while undocked, depending on the intensity and power level of the game being played.

  As for the operating system, fans were given a peek at its sleek design. Somewhat similar to the 3DS home menu, the Switch will implement cube-shaped boxes that will represent applications and games. Perhaps borrowing from the PlayStation 4’s Operating System,, the screen will scroll horizontally.

  Technology website Techradar said, “The biggest thing we’re still waiting for information on in terms of hardware at the moment, then, is the CPU/GPU which on the specifications page is still only listed as a NVIDIA customized Tegra processor.”

  Having been burned by Nintendo’s last flop, the Wii U, consumers feel entitled to full information disclosure from the Japanese giants before purchasing.

  Describing the externals of the device, Yahoo Tech said,“When it comes to the Switch’s dock, the USB ports, TV output LED and the system connector are all found up front. The USB ports are handy for the Pro controllers and the Joy-Con charging grip — both of which are sold separately. Another USB port that works with USB 2.0 and 3.0 is found at the back of the dock, along with the AC adaptor port, HDMI port and the back cover.”

  In what appears to be a critical success for Nintendo – a much needed one at that – the hardware specifications nail the power of the Switch somewhere between the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One.       

  Reaching new standards for graphical capabilities for Nintendo, never being heralded for particularly fantastic graphics, “The big N” seeks to change that with its hardware for the future.

  The Nintendo Switch releases March 3 to the public, listed at $299.99.

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