No school on the 29th of May

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  On May 29th, 2017, schools will be closed to celebrate Memorial day, including the students and administration. On Memorial Day, we  thank the people that have died in the American Armed Forces over our time.

  For some students and administrators, it may just be another reason for a day off school, but for those that have people in the armed forces or lost people in the armed forces, it is much more than just a day off school. My uncle, Sergeant Jason Peifer, who is currently serving in the Army, once said after he came home due to injuries that “this is proof that people love this country and are willing to protect the people and things it represents.”

  One way we can start Memorial Day off is thank all the people that have fought and either died or got injured, or are still serving during the fight to protect the United States of America, and the things it represents, like happiness, freedom and equality. My cousin, Major General Desi Rodriguez, in the Air force once said when he came back that, “I love doing what I do, no matter the danger. I  love doing this because it protects the place I love, and the people I love, so I have no problem if I die doing this because I will die protecting the place and people I love.

  This is proof that people are willing to die for this country and have died for this country. Maybe it’s time that we remember what the true meaning of the holiday is.

The 21 gun salute taking place at Walnut Grove Source:
The 21 gun salute taking place at Walnut Grove

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