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Heat limp to the quarter mark of the NBA season

   Reaching the quarter mark of the NBA, the Miami Heat sputtered to a paltry 7-17 record, generating dismay throughout the organization.   Entering the season with lowered expectations because of injuries to key player Chris Bosh and the departure of longtime franchise player Dwyane Wade, the Heat began the season with a solid 108-96 opening… Keep Reading


Panthers searching for goals following coaching change

   After what some expected to be an awakening for the Florida Panthers, former head coach Gerard Gallant’s dismissal has only resulted in disarray and losses for the south Florida team. Gallant was fired nearly three weeks ago after a devastating loss to the Carolina Hurricanes in which the Panthers let their third-year coach go… Keep Reading

Campus Life

Gone but never forgotten

    A child that has turned into a beautiful angel to fly high in the sky, Tyrin Miller, seventeen year old senior, born on Dec. 23, 1998, has had his last on Dec. 7, 2016. Tyrin was the man of the party.    He loved to listen to music while sitting in his backyard,… Keep Reading


Letter From the Editor: Learning about winter holidays

  Most people associate winter break with Christmas, and with that time approaching quickly, it is important to note that there are other, somewhat marginalized, celebrations during this time of year. The most well known examples are Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, although there is also Boxing Day Chinese New Year (but that does not occur until the… Keep Reading

Campus Life

Andrea Rodriguez demonstrates dedication and professionalism

Andrea Rodriguez teaches Algebra 2, Honors, and Math Studies at Atlantic Community High School. Her inspiration for teaching comes from her passion for helping, learning, and understanding. She is proficient at math and decided to help others with math, which is very important because not only is great at what she does, she loves her… Keep Reading

Campus Life/Opinions/Editorials

Five Tips for acing your exams

While most eagerly anticipate winter break, exams stand in between students and two weeks off from school. It remains important that students stay focused on their last classes until Dec. 22. Below are five tips from fellow students, teachers, and the top universities in the country to ensure success this exam season.  “Study periodically over… Keep Reading


Clearing Ethel Rosenberg’s name

    During the “Red Scare Era” (The Cold-War), The United States of America was going through a war with Communism. From 1947 to 1953, Americans were tasked by the government to seek out individuals that were affiliated with the Soviet Union. Those found to be guilty were sentenced to death, Lots of individuals were… Keep Reading

Arts & Entertainment/News

The gaming industry creates controversy

   Following seven years of development, The Last Guardian released to the PlayStation store this week. The development of video games receives scrutiny from the media, but is it warranted?      Initially announced at the 2009 Entertainment Expo Event in Los Angeles, California, The Last Guardian tells the tale of a boy with no… Keep Reading


School shootings plague the country

    Over the past few years there have been a numerous amount of school shootings. Most of are left with questions that may never be answered. Between 2013 and 2015, there were 154 school shootings around the United States, meaning that there is more than one school shooting a week. Luckily, states like Alaska, Connecticut,… Keep Reading

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