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Seniors find out the price of graduating

  With the luxury of going to public school, it is often misunderstood that everything in the public education system is free. However, as students approach their senior year, the price of being a student becomes more evident.   SATs, college applications fees, and cap and gowns are just a few of the necessary expenses students… Keep Reading

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Come vote at the 2016 mock election!

UPDATE:: Every participating voter will get a raffle ticket for a chance to win this bucket of swag! Included: Flaming Hot Cheetos Candy (including an XL Kit Kat Bar) Atlantic t-shirt Atlantic towel Atlantic mini football 2 front of the lunch line passes 2 free IDs Are you ready, students? This Oct. 25 and 27,… Keep Reading


Lauren Atchison Brings Relaxation to Photography!

The following images were taken by Atlantic Community High School student Lauren Atchison. These images were taken as practice for her photography class. Who would’ve thought these pictures weren’t  professional? They took place at Delray Beach, Florida for a project given by her teacher, Ms. De Feliz. Their task was to take pictures of their… Keep Reading

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Alejandro Beltran Organizes Donation Drive for Soldiers!

Alejandro Beltran needs your support in his campaign Drive for Soldiers. The purpose is to send out donations to Operation Gratitude, an organization that annually sends over 150,000 care packages filled with snacks, entertainment, hygiene, and hand-made items, plus personal letters of appreciation to our soldiers. The following will be accepted for donation: food, letters, recreational… Keep Reading


Don’t Breathe exceeds movie expectations

   Three Detroit thieves, Rocky, Alex, and Money find it fun to break into the homes of the wealthy. Money finds out about a blind veteran that won a huge settlement following the death of his only child. Assuming he is an easy target, the thieves go after him in his secluded home, finding themselves… Keep Reading


Burnt out basketball?

   Just three years ago, the Miami Heat were basking in the glory of their third NBA Finals victory, hurdling the elusive back-to-back championships that many elite teams fail to reach. Now, they face an entirely new challenge: simply making the playoffs.    Franchise player Dwyane Wade explored his options in free agency this year,… Keep Reading

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Escarlett Cardenas demonstrates Atlantic values

Continuing our newfound tradition of celebrating exemplary seniors at Atlantic, this week The Squall will be looking at Escarlett Cardenas, a talented and hard-working young lady. Through her high school journey, Cardenas has definitely made the best of it.   She has been involved in numerous sports and extracurricular activities. Soccer plays a huge role in… Keep Reading

Campus Life

Two SGA members bask in the fun of the annual school decathlon.  A team races across the plank race, one of the obstacles that teams had to complete during the decathlon. Students participate in the snake race, a race in which an entire team must connect and lie down to form a chain is performed… Keep Reading

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