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Atlantic student Molly Magafas travels to Cameroon

   In September, Atlantic senior Molly Magafas traveled to Cameroon in Africa to help build a clinic on a ten day trip. This, along with her leadership roles in Atlantic’s Model United Nations (MUN) club and her academic success, qualified her to be one of Atlantic’s seniors of the week.   Molly’s uncle, who has participated… Keep Reading


Letter from the Editor: Censorship hurts the truth

Note: As this is a topic that I am personally invested in, I will bypass my usual third person journalistic writing, and instead design this article as a first person, open letter to the readers.   Censorship is a journalist’s worst enemy. In all honesty, it could be seen as everyone’s worst enemy. Freedom of speech… Keep Reading

Campus Life

Jackson Destine raps his way into student of the week!

  Junior Jackson Destine is the perfect example of a student having a dream and following it. Jackson states, “I come from a tough background” so he uses his rap music to express and describe his troubles and tribulations that he experiences. “I wanted to create a positive flow and create an overall sense of… Keep Reading


Humans cannot survive bee extinction

Bees. In all probability most people think of the worst when they hear bees being mentioned considering bees do sting and even injure sometimes. Even so, what many don’t understand is that bees play a very significant role in human survival. Not long ago, scientist discovered the enormous decreasing population of honeybees. According to an… Keep Reading

Campus Life

Senior Katherine Pady exemplifies leadership

As of this year, (Feb. 2016) the percentage of technology related jobs currently held by women only attains 26%, while men occupy 74% of the industry. Out of the graduates of these fields of study, only 17% of the graduates are women. “The reason why more women don’t pursue careers in the fields of engineering/computer… Keep Reading


South Florida native exceeds expectations in college football

  Boynton Beach native Lamar Jackson has been creating a tremendous amount of news around the country. Jackson plays quarterback for the University of Louisville, and in the first four weeks of college football, Louisville led the country in touchdowns: 35. Jackson had accounted for 25 of those touchdowns, rushing for twelve and then passing for… Keep Reading


Palm Beach schools close in response to hurricane

    With Hurricane Matthew’s devastating winds moving towards Florida and the Atlantic coast, Palm Beach County has closed all schools for Thursday, Oct. 6 and Friday, Oct. 7, in hopes to improve the safety for students. Atlantic Community High School will also serve as a shelter for those in need of a safe place… Keep Reading


Tragedy Strikes In Miami

Tragic news broke out of Miami Beach early Sunday morning, with the announcement of Miami Marlins Pitcher Jose Fernandez’s death. Fernandez, only 24 years old, was found dead after his boat crashed into the entrance of Miami Harbor. The driver of the boat was traveling roughly 40 miles per hour in the dark hours of… Keep Reading

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