Atlantic Community High School


More than just a teacher

Oftentimes we assume there is nothing more to teachers than what we see at school. Our teachers could be artists, comedians, actors, athletes, etc. A teacher is more than what we see and most probably wouldn’t expect that. For example, Mr.Arjoon makes hip hop music. When he was 14 he really got into it and… Keep Reading



Back in my freshman year, I had my first boyfriend. Growing up, my parents told me to stay away from boys, when I’m ready I could have one but for now I needed to focus on school, and maybe when I’m in college I could have one. If you paid attention to what I said,… Keep Reading


Hurricane Irma Aftermath

       The morning before Hurricane Irma hit Florida, Marisol and her family were preparing for the devastation that the hurricane might cause. That day, they received a frightening call from their landlord, saying their house was “unsafe” because it was made from a wooden frame.       Marisol Amaya, a freshmen here… Keep Reading

Campus Life

Delray Students First: helping students excel

  Delray Students First is a privately sponsored tutoring program. This program is helping students get tips to ace their ACT and SAT. The chairman of this program is Mark Sauer. He has a whole team of volunteers behind him to make sure students excel. Tammy Mose-Cooper, Gary Alexandre, Retha Prescod, and Debra Weier are teachers… Keep Reading

Campus Life

Atlantic High Marching Band moves forward

 Most memories that come from adolescence involve high school and the weekends. No one remembers “that one Wednesday.” Some of the most iconic memories IB student Mary Dillon will take with her are her Friday nights at the football field.   Mary Dillon, Former Junior Drum Major, has been in the Atlantic Marching and Concert Band… Keep Reading


Open letter to Betsy DeVos

Dear Mrs. DeVos   My name is Bryan Diaz and I am a senior at Atlantic Community High School. I am a direct product of the public school system. I am grateful for what the public school system has allotted me, as well as the opportunities it has presented to me, such as the International Baccalaureate… Keep Reading


American Airlines crew member gets violent with passanger

Within the last few weeks, one of the most widely covered stories in mainstream news has been the story about the airline scandal concerning the plane removal scandal between United Airlines and David Dao. In more recent news, a similar but much less extreme scandal surfaced, this time however involving a mother and her children… Keep Reading


Florida Senator Frank Artiles resigning

  On Friday, April 21st, 2017, Florida Senator Frank Artiles announced he is resigning after receiving pressure following the use of a racial slur during drinks with 2 other lawmakers.   Frank Artiles said in his resignation letter that,  “It is clear to me my recent actions and words that I spoke fell far short of what I… Keep Reading

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