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Missing woman held captive under a shed

Dennis Dunn’s Shed he held Jennifer Elliot in. Photo courtesy of Something horrible has happened in Blanchester, Ohio. On Wednesday, April 26, 2017, Jennifer Elliott, 30, was kidnapped and held captive under her neighbor’s shed. The police were called about hearing crying noises. When the cops arrived Elliot was pulled from a dirt pit… Keep Reading


Flash flooding threatens the Carolinas and Mid-Atlantic

   Heavy rain can possibly be deadly. Heavy rainfall has been reported in the Carolinas and Mid-Atlantic part of the United States, according to CNN. Flash floods are the most dangerous kind of floods, because they combine the destructive power of a flood with incredible speed and unpredictability. Flash floods occur when excessive water fills… Keep Reading

Campus Life

Summer Europe trip available to ACHS students

   Atlantic High School is partnering up with EF tours to offer the opportunity for its students to take a summer trip to Europe in 2018. Any student that currently attends Atlantic High School can apply for the trip by contacting the people listed below.    There are two different tours available. The Artist’s Tour… Keep Reading

Arts & Entertainment

Kawaii and the rising of cuteness

The pleasures of sighting something so pleasing to the eye that you become so excited and flustered is exactly what the Japanese culture defines “Kawaii.” Kawaii has spread worldwide; it is well known considering it is used in context of art, entertainment, food, clothing, makeup, toys and even the way a person acts.     The start… Keep Reading

Campus Life

Getting ready for prom

   Atlantic Community High School students prepare themselves for prom 2017. Prom will be held at South County Civic Center Delray Beach on April 28th from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. This year, Durgin announced that the theme was based on nature. Tickets are still available for both seniors ($50) and juniors ($60) during lunch… Keep Reading

Arts & Entertainment

Girls Like Me by Tanya Savory; Relatable to teens

  “Girls Like Me” is one of the books in the Bluford Series, written by various authors. Angel McAllister’s life is in trouble. Her mom is depressed, her dad just left her family, and her best friend, Sharice Bell, finds out her biggest secret; that she is a lesbian.   This book does a very good job… Keep Reading


Using Facebook to show rage

  Social media is overpowering the world. Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are the most used apps. Steven Stephens used Facebook live to showcase his anger after a breakup. Stephens shoot and killed a 74 year old man, Robert Goodwin. According to CNN, Stephens shot Goodwin, an innocent man walking from an Easter meal with his children… Keep Reading

Arts & Entertainment

Gorillaz: A celebration of music

   In 1998, when comic book artist Jamie Hewlett and frontman of the band Blur Damon Albarn were roommates sitting watching MTV, they had the brilliant idea of starting a virtual band. Damon Albarn stated in an interview to The Wire, “If you watch MTV for too long, it’s a bit like hell – there’s… Keep Reading


Miami Marlins race towards hot start

   If one word can recap the 2016 season for the Miami Marlins, one must look no further than mediocre. Led by the late Jose Fernandez, Miami stumbled to a third place finish in the National League East with a 79-82 record. Marred by a lackluster offense, Miami failed to produce run support for a… Keep Reading

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