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Stop teen injustice!

On Feb. 22, a court ordered a New York jail to stop putting juveniles in solitary, saying it was harmful to their health and violated their eighth amendment right, which states “excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, or cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”   This is a huge deal for 16 and… Keep Reading


Team Italy gears up for World Baseball Classic run

  Announcing their roster this past week, Team Italy aims to surprise once again following a successful run in the 2013 event.   Occurring every four years, the World Baseball Classic showcases the top baseball players competing against one another on the international level.   A number of Major League players anticipate making the roster including Francisco… Keep Reading


Canada gone wild?

   When most people think of Canada, it consists of positive, friendly news! That doesn’t mean that’s all there is, though.    Recently, Bruce McCallum, a math teacher on sabbatical (paid leave) from his job at Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute in Scarborough, died in Costa Rica. Reports state that the beloved man had been out at… Keep Reading


Trump holds controversial rally

    After being in office for only a month, one of the most controversial presidents the country has ever seen has already started campaigning for his possible 2020 re-election. Trump never ceases to surprise, and he has certainly held strong on that within his first few weeks in office. From travel bans to criticism… Keep Reading


Panthers claw their way into a playoff spot

  Following a rather tumultuous first half of the season, the return of forwards Jonathan Huberdeau and Aleksander Barkov have rejuvenated the Florida Panthers to five straight wins and a clear path to the playoffs.   This past offseason, co-owners Doug Cifu and Vincent Viola took steps towards success, signing top free agent defensemen Keith Yandle and… Keep Reading


The life and death of Malcolm X

Fifty-two years ago on Feb. 21, Malcolm X, later known as el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz, was killed while delivering a speech at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem. The shooting of the then 39-year-old took the life of a complicated figure who had been legendary in the eyes of his followers.    Malcolm X was the public voice… Keep Reading

Campus Life

Discovering the medical academy

There are multiple academies on campus, but the medical academy is worth the time. The medical academy is an alternative to ROTC, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood, drafting, photography, and construction. The medical academy is held together by Kenneth Muhlerwirth, former paramedic/firefighter. He is currently a vocational/technical teacher. Muhlerwirth has been in the healthcare field since… Keep Reading


Kylie Jenner pop-up shop goes viral!

   Kylie Jenner is the first one to say that we don’t become the hottest thing on social media without knowing exactly what to filter.      In the early 2000’s, Kylie Jenner was an awkward preteen with the unfortunate contractual responsibility of living out her entire adolescence on episodes of the hit reality TV… Keep Reading

Marvel heroes fight for the rights of their readers

   During the African American Civil Rights movement in the United States (1955-1966), there were protests for equal rights for the Black community, especially those in the South. Southern states had in place the “Jim Crow” law, which prohibited African-Americans from sharing the same bathrooms, restaurants, and theaters with white individuals. It basically marginalized them… Keep Reading


Heat avoid fizzling out

  Following a lackluster beginning to the season, the Miami Heat have improved from their piteous 7-17 record, exiting the All-Star break with a 25-32 record, and one of the hottest streaks in the NBA. This marked improvement has allowed the Heat to re-enter the playoff race which few expected the team to be involved in.… Keep Reading

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