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    MOUNT POCONO, PA - JANUARY 08: Richard Simmons attends An Evening with Richard Simmons at the Mount Airy Casino Resort on January 8, 2010 in Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage)

Richard Simmons goes missing

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  Richard Simmons is one of the most beloved celebrities in Hollywood, and he is a star who loved the limelight. He is a fitness guru who has made over 20 fitness videos and published many books. He was also the owner of the famous workout studio “Slimmons.”  He would always take pictures with fans and was constantly open to have a conversation with people about anything.  To many people Richard was considered a therapist; he would call many people weekly to discuss their issues regarding weight loss and self-esteem.

  This left many people worried when Simmons left the public eye in Feb. of 2014; he stopped showing up to his workout classes, calling his closest friends and being available to his fans. Simmons left the limelight without leaving a trace. Many people called and e-mailed Simmons, but to no avail. People would even go to his house in some attempt to make sure he was okay, but anytime someone arrived, they were just met by his longtime maid, Teresa Reveles.

  Teresa Reveles has been working for SImmons for over 30 years, and many believe that she is the one behind Simmons’s absences from the public eye. They had developed a rather strange relationship. When Simmons would have people over for dinner, it was not uncommon for Reveles to sit and relax while Simmons would cook and clean. This left many suspicious when Reveles was the only one who had seen Simmons in almost 3 years.

  A Los Angeles Police Department officer was sent to Simmon‘s house in late Feb. of this year. Ken Becker was sent as a result of increasing public worry on Simmon’s behalf, as people just wanted to know that the beloved celebrity was doing well. The officer put the suspicions to rest after he commented on the situation by saying, “The fact of the matter is we went out and talked to him [sic] he is fine, nobody is holding him hostage. He is doing exactly what he wants to do. If he wants to go out in public or see anybody he will do that.”

   Simmons recently posted a short video of him at the beach on his Facebook account. Although his account has been active with the recycling of old photos, this one seemed to have been posted by Simmons himself because the video was simply two seconds long and showed nothing but the ground. Although the video was brief, it gave his fans even more hope that the celebrity is not being held captive by his maid or severely depressed, but rather is living out the rest of his days the way he wants to – a way that makes him happy.

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