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Do you ever wonder what high school football players have for their future plans? There are three gentlemen that are showing them they can do anything their heart and mind desire to. Young men Max Lynch, Keonne Bradley, and Corey Gammage, All of whom have their own dreams, goals, and desires. Each having their own vision with the doubts of people having because they’re just “ football players” they won’t succeed after high school. These young men already have their future mapped out.

Max Lynch (senior) who plays left tackle on the offensive line has offers from Bethune Cookman University to FAU ( Florida Atlantic University). When he goes to college he plans on majoring in Sports Medicine. Usually not everyone knows how they feel until the day they graduate when the emotions start to kick in, but Max himself said it best “ My senior year is going really good so far! It’s been a lot coming from playing JV freshmen to sophomore year to varsity my senior year and this year we’ll bring it together for a state title.” One of his most successful and unforgettable games he’ll always remember will be when they played against Palm Beach Gardens last year. Not only did they take the big W home but they proved everyone who doubted them. Max is just another teenager who has dreams of doing big things.

Keonne Bradley plays outside linebacker and it is proud of the position he plays. He plans on majoring in Criminology after high school. With the hopes of one day being a detective. He will do great things one day! Many have different experiences in high school but it’s what you can get out of it and learn from it to grow as a person. According to Keonne “ It was a big change from freshman year all the way to now, a mature change. As of my senior year, I’m on track so it’s going good.” Mr. Bradley has a lot going for himself and surely is determine to accomplish it all even when the road gets bumpy. He encourages everyone to keep eating free lunch as if he would say in a way to remember him.

Corey Gammage who is the wide receiver has twenty-nine offers so far.  In college, he plans to major in business and sports marketing. Did I mention he is committed to UF ( University Of Florida)? Well he surely is. He is an example that hard work pays off. Anything is possible if you work for it! High school taught him so much about life and he plans on using every lesson he learned throughout his journey in life.

All of these young men have a future ahead of themselves. Many can doubt them but they’ll still overshine. Congratulations to these young men, They are the next to leave something behind for all to remember.  For more about them you can watch their highlights on


My name is Paulina. I am a Junior at Atlantic high school. I have a passion for creative writing. Writing has always been a way I can express my thoughts and feelings. I plan on going to college and majoring in Business administration and minoring in Criminology. The future is so bright and I am looking forward to it.

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