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Senior Katherine Pady exemplifies leadership

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As of this year, (Feb. 2016) the percentage of technology related jobs currently held by women only attains 26%, while men occupy 74% of the industry. Out of the graduates of these fields of study, only 17% of the graduates are women. “The reason why more women don’t pursue careers in the fields of engineering/computer science, despite a larger number expressing interest in them at an early age, is a combination of stereotyping, lack of encouragement, and bias in the field that begins in the classroom and is reinforced in the media and workplace.” said Katherine Pady, Atlantic High’s senior of the week. It is this kind of critical thinking that makes her such an unforgettable student.

After participating in the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program, Pady noticed that technology was a facet that was being overlooked by her peers. She then co-founded Young Innovators Club, previously known as Girls Who Code. She states, “I started Girls Who Code club at Atlantic to help other girls explore an area where females are largely underrepresented.” Katherine developed and followed a noble cause, which led her to be recognized by her peers, Atlantic Community High-School, and Bank of America’s Student Leaders Program.

Her teachers also see Katherine as a leader. David Kaitz, her history teacher, said, “She is an excellent scholar, she is caring about her fellow students, she comes off as a warm person, who is going to do wonderful things in life.”

After graduating, her future plans include becoming a political science major, and she “hopes to be an advocate for progress in several areas, including gender parity in schools and the workplace.”

Pady is an intelligent individual who does not only seek out her interests, but also the interest of her peers, making her a bright star at Atlantic Community High School.

I’m a staff writer for The Squall and this is my first year in journalism class. I’m a senior here at Atlantic. Writing has always been a passion of mine, so when I came across a class that would allow me to do a lot of it, I automatically took it. Every time I am around the people who are as passionate for this project as I am, it only makes me enjoy my time more. When I graduate, I plan on becoming an English major or an architecture major, depending on how I’m feeling the day I’m choosing.

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