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   “Shut In” follows the life of a child psychologist, Mary Portman (played by Naomi Watts), who isolates herself in New England because her husband died in a car crash. Her late husband left behind his son, who is paralyzed from the neck down due to the crash. Strange things start to occur in the house, but her other psychologist friends convince her that she is experiencing parasomnia, from her husband’s death. While juggling her stepson, which wasn’t too much of a surprise because they had developed a close connection, she finds her patient named Tom at the doorstep. Before she could respond to the boy, he runs off. The search for Tom turns into a worldwide hunt to find him, Mary feels a rush of guilt as she feels as if the boys disappearance was her fault. After the disappearance of Tom, Mary starts to hear strange noises around the house, and repeatedly claims of seeing Tom. These events fall right into place as a snow blizzard approaches, and she has no way of fending for herself or her son.

  Overall, this movie has a very intriguing storyline, but it feels as if the movie is stretched out. The long story before the reveal was drawn out and unnecessary. It took so long to get the plot together and understand what was going on that by the the time the climax was reached, it didn’t have an awe affect. Considering the movie’s genre is described as thriller or horror, it didn’t really qualify as that since it had more a mystery feel to it.

   The movie was incredibly vague when it came to details, as there was a lot of skipping around and emptiness of scenes. There was an over dramatization of the young boy, as he didn’t have a threatening tone about him; he looked like the same innocent boy as always. Since there was a lack of details, there was confusion about if the little boy was a ghost the whole time. In conclusion, the movie was decent and is recommended for anyone who likes mysterious movies.

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