South Florida native exceeds expectations in college football

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  Boynton Beach native Lamar Jackson has been creating a tremendous amount of news around the country. Jackson plays quarterback for the University of Louisville, and in the first four weeks of college football, Louisville led the country in touchdowns: 35. Jackson had accounted for 25 of those touchdowns, rushing for twelve and then passing for thirteen. After week five against Clemson, Jackson scored three more touchdowns (one passing touchdown and two rushing touchdowns) and remains the scoring leader in the NCAA. Eliezer Christopher, senior, said “That’s flat-out amazing…A quarterback doesn’t even score that many in the first three games but he did it. He defeated all odds.”

  However, the Louisville quarterback is only ranked nineteenth on the list of passing yard leaders. Interestingly enough, he has, so far this season at least, posted a rating of 162.2(a calculation that measures how well the quarterback is doing, considering such factors as completion percentage, among other things) according to ESPN; only four quarterbacks in the top 20 for passing yards have a higher rating.

  Jackson, whose name was rarely, if ever, included in talks for the Heisman Trophy last year, is now the lead candidate according to many analysts, experts, and NCAA football fans. Sports Illustrated has the Louisville quarterback ranked number one on its list of possible Heisman candidates. “Compared to last year, this year he can really get the Heisman.” Christopher said. “I can’t really see anyone in college football getting the Heisman but him.”

  The Louisville Cardinals are currently 4-1. They won their first four games but were defeated 42-36 by Clemson in a heartbreaking loss after their comeback failed.  They hope to return rejuvenated and prepared to dominate after a bye last week. Their next game is Friday, Oct. 14 against the Duke Blue Devils.    

Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson hurdles over a Syracuse defender in an attempt to score a touchdown. Photo courtesy of
Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson hurdles over a Syracuse defender in an attempt to score a touchdown. Photo courtesy of

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