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      One of the many devoted students in the IB program; Jessica Clermont, a student in IBDP is already in her third year in the IB Program. For most people who don’t know what the IB program is, it stands for “International Baccalaureate” a rigorous program that challenges students to exceed in school and outshine in their academics. It’s most definitely not a walk in the park trying to achieve such high expectations. Many students in the program are normally mentally strained and develop anxiety being a very common feeling.

     Most students graduate with average grades and the minimum requirements but some never really push themselves enough to become a scholar. But for some determined students, pushing themselves to their utmost potential is just one of their many attributes. What sort of student is this? This is an IB student.

    Why would anyone want to join the IB program knowing it’s a very difficult program throughout high school? What’s the benefit? For Jessica, it;s very clear, “ I joined the IB program because I believed it would provide me with greater opportunities as well as a tougher challenge, all to impress colleges.” It’s true, being in the program makes any student have an impressive transcript for colleges. Usually, they’re the first students colleges in fact look over. With Jessica being a junior already, being in her third year she must’ve learned so much about being in the program already. “ The program has taught me to try and properly manage my time, because if not you will stress, which will make succeeding in IB much more difficult.”

      When the same question was asked to other IB students, they all said time management is everything in IB and it’s also about disciplining yourself. With time being such an important factor in IB, it’s clear that having a social life must be difficult to fit in. Jessica definitely agreed with this, “I’m honestly not able to maintain a social life while being in the program. There’s too much work at times and you find yourself struggling struggling to manage which more often than not, results in student’s drowning in work as well as not talking to friends that much.”

      Something that’s not talked about in school enough is how students struggle with stress. For people in the IB program it’s on a different level and trying to handle it is pretty difficult. For Jessica she dealt with her stress by going to the gym.

      Overall the Ib Program can be difficult to go through, and it’s not for anyone who isn’t willing to sacrifice fun for work. “I would advise anyone planning to enter this program is to manage their time. It helps a lot in the long run.”

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